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Giveaways and Other Ramblings

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Just thought I’d do a quick post letting you all know about a multiple author giveaway that’s coming soon. I’ve got a list of authors that want to share some e-books and signed bookmarks, and I’ll soon have the raffle ready.

I’ve started on book two of the Alissia Roswell series and have been busy with it this week. The story is complete in my mind. I just have to get it all typed out, then edited, edited again, edited again, and again, and again, and again… By the time it gets printed, it will have been completely dissected repeatedly until it’s suitable for print.

Once I go into the editing phase, I plan to have the designer start on the book cover. I talked with him yesterday, and we know what we want it to look like. Jason Orr over at JERA Publishing did an amazing job on Unexpected Metamorphosis, and I can’t wait to see the next cover. I think I get more excited over the cover than anything else.

As soon as the novel goes into its last editing phase, I plan to start on the novella. I want it released within three months of book two. So, lots happening in my world of writing. I’m considering having t-shirts designed and hopefully will have that worked out soon.

I’ve also got two new features on this blog. The monthly newsletter will be where I share important information first. I’ll do the cover reveal there prior to Facebook, and I’ll send out some samples of book two, which I won’t do anywhere else. The newsletter won’t be used as much, but I believe you’ll love the information in it.

Also, you can now buy signed copies directly from this site. A lot of people have asked about that and want me to ship them out. I’ve decided that I can go to the post office once a week with any orders. They would make great gifts, and the $14.00 charge covers shipping and Georgia tax. All you need to do is click on the link in the side column or in the Where to Purchase menu at the top of this page. You will need a Paypal account to take part in this new feature.

Well, I’m off to the post office before the children get home from school, and then I hope to get some more typing in. Hope everyone has a blessed Labor Day weekend!

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Book Review of Eona

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7992995Eona is the second book in Alison Goodman’s Eon and Eona series.  To read my review on Eon, click here.  Since they are categorized as young adult fiction, I will give a conservative parent’s review.

Eona is very different and better than Eon.  No longer is she surrounded by rules and pretending to be a boy.  She can now be herself, and we don’t have to read about all the proper ways she is to do things.  There’s more adventure and fantasy in this one, as she is traveling and learning to use her dragon’s power.  This read is also less morbid than the first one, where just about everyone was unhappy and had to deal with slavery or some type of abuse.

It read like an adventure with challenges and happy moments along the way.  The love triangle was done well, and her emotional struggle was believable.  The author introduced new characters into the story and mixed things up this time.

As for sexual content for a teen, there was no sex, just heavy kissing.  (He was shirtless on one of them.)  She does have a power relationship (hard to explain without giving too much detail and spoiling) with one of the men, and that power comes through sexual type emotions.

The Eunach is still a main character, and so is the transgender, Lady Dela.  Although, Lady Dela has to dress as a man in this book.

If you’ve already invested your time in Eon, I would go ahead and read Eona.  It is much better and written very differently than the first novel.

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I Now Have a Monthly Newsletter

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Although I’m most active on Facebook, I will now be sending out monthly newsletters with exclusive insights into what I’m typing or the latest happenings on my next release.  Be sure to sign up if you wish to receive samples of my writing or private insights into Alissia’s life.  You can find the link at the top of this page or in the column on the right.  Thanks again for all the support you have given, and welcome to Alissia Roswell’s wild adventure!

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Book Release Party

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I want to personally thank everyone who came out to my book release party.  Most of you all know that I had just returned from a convention in Vegas, and our son was in the hospital while I was out of town.  Our children also started school last week, so things were pretty much chaotic around here.  I was worried everything would fall apart, but the party was a success.  Trader Joes saved me when it came to last-minute food, and everyone was filled with smiles.  Not only did I get to meet some new people, I got to visit with others I have not seen for a while.  Before writing took over my life, I often hosted parties, and I really miss doing that.

The support I have received from other authors, friends, and family has been much more than expected, and I could not have done any of this without y’all.

I hope you enjoy Unexpected Metamorphosis.  I am eager to get the next book in the series out, and the intense writing will begin this week.  I am working for a spring release of book two and the related novella.

Once again, thank you for your amazing support.  The people I have met over the past few weeks and the responses they have given after reading my work has given me a lot to smile about.  As with every writer or artist, we sometimes doubt what we do.  I’ve had days like that.  Then I remind myself of all the positive feedback I’ve received, and my doubt is pushed away.



Meet Hollie and Brandon Lytle.  Hollie is an amazing photographer outside of Atlanta, and you can learn more about her work by clicking here.


I am very blessed to live in a friendly neighborhood.  This is Laura and Shawna, two of my sweet and lovely neighbors.


The new camera we were using is definitely not a good one.


It was Brandon Lytle’s idea to take a photo on the stairs, and it worked perfectly to fit us all in.  Thanks Brandon!

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Last Pics of the RNC

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After a busy week in Las Vegas, I took a late night flight back to Atlanta and am now back to reality.  My son was in the hospital last week, and we had company both weekends before and after I traveled.  That means my house is a total mess.  I have loads of laundry and a stack of paperwork to sort through.  Unpacking needs to be done, and groceries need to be bought.

My children also started school today.  It’s their first year in public school and is one of the big adjustments they’ve had to make since I became an author.  Last night my husband and I had to read through their class paperwork and finish signing things.  This morning I got up at 5:00 to make sure I could get everything ready before taking them to school.  I am now sitting at home enjoying the silence.  No longer home schooling should make my writing easier.

I’m posting some pictures of the awards ceremony, along with the book fair in Vegas.  I hope you enjoy!


Melissa Keating, Lindsey J Parsons’, Raven Raye, and her lovely daughter Meghan, as they waited for the awards ceremony to begin.


Since it was Melissa and my last night, we went to Fremont Street after the ceremony.  It was extremely crowded on a Friday night.


Lindsey needed to rest her feet, so we winded up hanging out in the corner of this bathroom for over an hour.  We met many sweet ladies, and even had our pictures taken with some of them.  Who knew hanging out in a women’s restroom was such good advertisement!


At the book fair, I got to meet two very sweet ladies.  P. T. Macias is the author of the De La Cruz Saga, and Rebecca Randolph Buckley writes contemporary romantic suspense.


Meet Michael Mecucci.  He was one of the young Casanovas at the RNC, and you might see him on future book covers.  He is a sweet young man.



I’ve signed books, bookmarks, book bags, and now shirts.


There was a mistake on the part of our shuttle to the airport, and we waited for over an hour to be picked up.  We still made it in time for our plane, and it all worked out.

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