I’m taking a short break from the Internet this week to go backpacking with my family. Tomorrow we plan to take an early morning ferry to Cumberland Island in South Georgia, and I won’t be able to get online or have enough room in my backpack for my laptop. (There’s no service there anyway.) I’m completely unplugging and getting away for a few days, as my family needs this quiet time away from the distractions of reality.

Many of my readers often ask if I’m an outdoorsy person, because my novels have a lot of imagery involving nature in them. Alissia’s flashbacks of beach seining on Jekyll Island are actually my very own childhood memories, and I am very much in love with the outdoors. However, for me, that means hot and humid places and activities. I’m not a snow bunny and don’t enjoy skiing. I’d rather be drenched in sweat than shivering in the cold.

I’ll be back soon, and I hope to post some pics and maybe even a video when I return. (Maybe we’ll get to see some wild horses on the island.) Unexpected Peril is still with the editor, and the cover designer is doing an amazing job. I should get back feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. I’ll also take a journal with me and hope to work on my plots while there. There’s nothing like sitting on a beach to get my creativity going.

Now I’m off to finish stuffing my pack! Enjoy your week, and hope you have an amazing and peaceful Easter weekend.