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Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors Giveaway

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Robotic Maids and Sarcastic Computers? Welcome to the World of Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors!

H. L. Burke is the author of several works of fantasy … many of which involve dragons. Her latest is a YA Steampunk Novella, which she describes as Jules Verne meets Mary Shelley meets H. G. Wells.

In this scene Nyssa is searching for the Remote Access Module (RAM), a handheld computer device she can use to communicate with the House Computer, Hart. Hart is tethered to the main computer’s access port outside the room containing the RAM, so Nyssa must collect it on her own. Simple, right?

Cobwebs filled the empty fireplace. She stepped closer. There, on the mantle, between a gold-faced clock and a statue of a reclining lion, lay an ornate object she would easily have mistaken for a hand mirror if not for Hart’s description. The frame around the mirror was thick and
covered in minute dials and switches, but it still fit easily in her hand. She picked it up and slipped it into her belt.
A shadow fell across her. She shuddered and turned. The robotic maid blocked the doorway. Nyssa held her breath. It’s a maid, not a security system. I’m not a dust bunny, so it shouldn’t give me any trouble.
The automaton’s eyes flashed at her. Dirt and spider webs choked the broom to the point where it spread as much dirt as it picked up. How
many times had this machine gone over this same hall, pushing the same dust and debris?
Go on. Keep sweeping and move out of my way.
The maid swept the broom forward, the objects clattering like thrown dice. Nyssa glanced down. The hollow eyes of a skull gazed back at
her before the maid pushed it again, sending the dirt and bones rolling across the floor.
Oh Sparks. Nyssa flattened herself against the cold bricks of the fireplace. The maid wheeled about the room, pushing the bones back into a pile. Where had it picked up bones? Were they the remains of one of Albriet’s agents?
The robot circled the room, avoiding the chairs and table. Nyssa edged away from the fireplace, towards the door.
Nyss? You all right in there?” Hart’s voice echoed through the door. As if in response, the RAM gave out a high pitched buzzing. Panic jolted
through her like a fist to the gut. The maid shook. Its head turned 180 degrees, and a beam of light shot from its eyes, blinding Nyssa.
Not authorized!” The suit’s harsh mechanical tone echoed.
Nyssa blinked several times and stumbled towards the door. Her knee hit a side-table, and she yelped at the pain. The whirring of gears filled her ears. “Not authorized!”
Nyss?” Hart shouted.
Her vision adjusted as the handle of a broom hurtled towards her skull. She dodged. It crashed into her shoulder, knocking her to the floor.
Her breath went out of her and dull pain swept through her upper torso. She rolled away as the broom handle thumped on the carpet beside her.
Not authorized!”
I thought you said this thing was just a maid?” Nyssa darted behind the wingback chair.
It is. It must be malfunctioning. I’m trying to communicate with it. If I can send the right code, it should shut down.”
Well, hurry!”
The broom battered the cushions of the chair. The strikes tore the upholstery, and stuffing flew about her like snow. The maid tried to maneuver around it, but Nyssa kept the heavy piece of furniture between herself and the robot like a shield. Unfortunately in turn the robot kept itself between Nyssa and the door. It pushed her towards the wall.
It’s not listening. Nyssa, get out of there.” Hart’s voice barely carried over the crashing of the robot destroying the furniture and
the pounding of Nyssa’s own pulse.
Not authorized!”
Nyssa’s back ground into the bricks of the fireplace. The robot pressed against the chair.
Not authorized! Not authorized!”
Sandwiched between the chair and the wall, Nyssa had to force out her next breath. Her hand flailed for something, anything, and caught the cold iron of the fireplace poker. God, if ever You listen to my prayers, now’s the time.
Grasping the poker, Nyssa kicked against the chair with all her might. The robot rolled back a few feet but then rushed forward. Nyssa swung. The poker shattered the robot’s left eye socket. Sparks and glass shards flew across the room.
The robot’s head swiveled from left to right, like a disorientated owl. Nyssa bolted for the door. The broom smacked against her legs,
pushing her into the table. Chess pieces scattered. She sprang to her feet and aimed another powerful swipe. Its head crunched like a tin
The robot’s hands jolted up and down. The broom handle came at Nyssa again and again, but she parried each strike with her poker, backing steadily towards the door. Her feet touched the hardwood of the hallway.
Aim for its chest!” Hart said. “That’s where the circuitry should be.”
Nyssa jabbed, skewering the rusty metal plating of the robot’s body. The mechanical monster quivered. Nyssa yanked back. A large section of plating broke away, revealing turning gears and sparking wires. She stabbed again, ripping into the wires. Her nostrils flared and her
jaw clenched as she swung until the robot collapsed in a heap.
Nyssa sank to the floor. Her breath escaped in ragged gasps. In the ruined maid’s chest, amongst a nest of wires, pierced by metallic tubes,
pulsed a pinkish-red mass, fleshy and veined. Nyssa’s stomach heaved, for inside the chest of the maid beat a human heart.
So if you think you might want to come along on an adventure of killer robotic proportions, check out Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors, releasing on Amazon March 20th, 2016. It is available for pre-order for the special price of $0.99 until March 14th, so grab your copy early!
Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors
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Her Best Match – Currently FREE

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Get your romance fix!

Do you love that “ahhhh” feeling you get when you read a sweet romance? Especially when you get to that inevitable happy ending?

Tamie Dearen’s romantic comedy series, The Best Girls, can satisfy that craving. And the first book of the series, Her Best Match, is currently free. But beware…. it’s addicting!

The limited-time price-reduction for Her Best Match is already in effect, in preparation for March 13, the day of the big sale and the release of A Rose in Bloom, a serial romantic comedy. Unlike anything you’ve ever read before, A Rose in Bloom was written and published in small parts, week-by-week, on Tamie Dearen’s blog, to the simultaneous delight and frustration of her devoted readers. Now, for the first time, the complete serial romance will be available to read as a novella.



Feisty, stubborn, and bored with life in Texas, Anne Best is about to get more than she bargained for.

The lovely widow heads off to the Big Apple for a job interview, expecting no more than a few days adventure in New York City, only to find herself with a new job working for the most infuriating man she’s ever met.

Billionaire Steven Gherring is one of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors, and he has every intention of staying that way. But Gram has other ideas. She’s on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.

As fearless as she is clumsy, Anne tackles every challenge (including her new boss) enthusiastically, with two lone exceptions… public speaking and recognizing her own feelings. Passions rise along with hemlines as Gram joins forces with Anne, a veteran matchmaker, to find the perfect match for Steven.

Get Her Best Match free on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, and Kobo!

Best Girls Banner 2014-08-17 at 2.58.51 PM

Own the entire Best Girls Series for $9!


Elyssa Rose has delicate flowers in her hands and a muscular guy on her mind.

The talented owner of A Rose in Bloom is determined to make a success of her floral business. And she doesn’t want or need a man’s help or interference! But trouble shows up in the form of her handsome, but antagonistic, neighbor, Jaxon McCall, a gym owner whose sole purpose is to buy her building from her.

Jaxon McCall once had his eye on Elyssa’s building, but now he can’t take his eyes off her. Magnetic attraction draws them together, even as their stubborn personalities drive them apart.

A Rose in Bloom is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with a March 13 release date!

Author Square


Tamie Dearen lives with her very romantic husband of thirty-three years. She has two beautiful daughters, two amazing son-in-laws, and one awesome grandson. She plays piano, flute, harmonica, keyboards, and guitar, and loves composing and art. And she hates housework. She has been a dentist in private practice for thirty years. She stays busy playing on her church’s praise team and leading a weekly Bible study. In her spare time, she writes books.

Tamie specializes in writing “clean’ books without excessive violence, offensive language, or explicit sex. She has published a Romantic Comedy series called The Best Girls, which includes a free novella and four full-length novels, and recently published her first Christian Romance, Noelle’s Golden Christmas. She has also published the two books in a Young Adult Fantasy series, Alora: The Wander-Jewel, and Alora: The Portal. To combine her love of music with her writing, Tamie composed the background music for the Alora Series video trailer and a Christmas song, which is linked in the back of Noelle’s Golden Christmas. Her latest book, A Rose in Bloom, a romantic comedy serial story, is available for pre-order and will be released March 13.

Tamie met her husband as a freshman in college when she acted out of character on a whim. One night in the library lobby, she spied a cute guy with his first name written on the back of his shirt. She called out his name. When he approached to talk to her, she pretended that she’d met him before, asking about his classes and how he liked college. To her surprise and delight, he also pretended that he knew her, but of course he didn’t know her name. They continued this false relationship for two months. Each time they saw each other, an event that occurred three times per week at the cafeteria, he would pretend he knew her. Meanwhile, all of Tamie’s friends were careful not to reveal her name to him. When he finally admitted his ignorance of her name, he was astonished to learn the truth. And the rest is history.

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Spring in Snow Valley

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Spring in Snow Valley


Spring in Snow Valley: A Snow Valley Anthology

Operation—Kiss the Girl, Cindy Roland Anderson

Ivy Baker is doomed to marry a man she only pretends to be in love with to save the family ranch. Since she isn’t marrying for love, Ivy secretly creates a kissing wish list composed of scenes from the romance books she loves to read. She hopes to experience at least one kiss from her list before she becomes officially engaged and seals her fate. When she travels to Snow Valley to help her aunt recover from knee surgery, Ivy finds herself falling for Kellen Thomas, an irresistible cowboy she should avoid. By chance Kellen finds Ivy’s list, and decides to make it his mission to help her fulfill her bucket list, turning her world upside down and making Ivy want to choose her heart over duty.


Love Coming Late, Jeanette Lewis

Cynthia Eddington never thought she’d return to Snow Valley after a string of bad luck forced the sale of her beloved farm there. But here she is, about to start a new life with her children, Jackson and Anoria. Cynthia plans to focus on her career and her family; she’s not looking for romance and she’s definitely not looking for sexy cowboy, Colby Schroder.


Running from the Cowboy, Cami Checketts

Missy Horman escaped an abusive marriage and returns to Snow Valley to help her father deal with her emotionally disturbed mother. Volunteering to teach a youth Sunday school class seems like a good way to get out of her comfort zone—until she ends up kissing Porter Wilson in front of a bunch of teenagers. Embarrassed, and secretly thrilled, by the kiss, she writes Porter off as a playboy. But, Missy wasn’t the only one affected and Porter’s new mission in life is to prove that there’s more to him than flirting and world-tilting kisses. He wants to show her that a true cowboy knows how to treat a lady and, if Missy can’t keep her wits about her, she might just let him.


The Bet, Taylor Hart

When Destiny Morningstar gets blackmailed into spending her spring break in Snow Valley, the last thing she’s looking for is a date, especially not with Adam and Chase Moon—two attractive and athletic brothers. But soon she finds herself tangled up in a dating spree that includes a flag football game, swinging around the barn dance, and hiking to Snow Valley’s romantic hot springs with the town’s most eligible bachelors. At every turn she’s within kissing distance of one of the delectable Moon men. When she discovers she’s been part of some bet fueled by sibling rivalry and overactive egos she has to make a decision—forgive them both or miss out on the best thing that’s ever happened to her.


Sealed with a Kiss, Kimberley Montpetit

Jessica Mason and Pastor James are struggling to make their long-distance relationship work between Snow Valley and New Orleans where Jessica dances with the local ballet company. When April Murphy, a war widow with a child, shows up in Snow Valley, James reluctantly begins to wonder if he and Jessica are really meant to be. April would make the perfect pastor’s wife and he’d have an instant family and the stability he craves. But he can’t get the spitfire Jessica out of his mind and when she returns to Snow Valley to accept an inheritance, her male ballet partner in tow, the love triangle takes on a new edge. Can Jessica and James figure out how to create a family while living in two different states—or do they allow their hearts to move on and forget the passion they once shared?


Romancing a Husband, Lucy McConnell

Natalie Lawson is at a crossroads. Her husband is down on his luck and some days he’s just plain down while Natalie is moving forward, gaining promotions and starting new adventures. In some ways, they’ve grown apart and Natalie can’t help but wonder if her path through life will always include Eli. When tragedy throws them together, Natalie learns a profound lesson that may save her marriage and provide the key to romancing a husband.

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Unexpected Beginning Cover Reveal!

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Unexpected Beginning_FrontCover_FINAL_72dpi

Coming June 2016

Leave me a comment below or through social media. I’d love to hear what you think.

Other books in the Alissia Roswell Series:


Alissia Roswell left her abusive, childhood home immediately following her high school graduation–swearing she would never return. After ten years of hard work, she’s finally satisfied with her place in life. Highly independent, she takes great pride in needing no one other than herself. When she learns of her father’s sudden death, she decides to return to her hometown for the funeral. A visit to the old oak tree concealing her teenage diary pulls her into an alternate world, where her body begins to change in mysterious ways. As everything spins out of her control, with danger lurking around every corner, she’s forced to rely upon others. Her mind soon becomes her enemy, haunting her with memories from her past, while her heart teases her with the inconceivable notion of love.

Join Alissia on her perilous quest full of adventure, magic, and romance as she travels the challenging road of finding oneself–maybe even love along the way.

“A twisted and complex plot, with spellbinding intrigue. The characters are deep and multi-dimensional, and the unpredictable, non-stop action builds to a crisis point at the end. Even the romantic aspect is non-linear and captivating.” – Tamie Dearen, author of the Alora Series

“Interesting, different & creative ideas filled this novel with a ton of imagery.” “Love! Love! Love! Can’t get enough of this novel!!!” “The twists and turns kept my attention at all times!” “Unexpected Metamorphosis has everything I love about modern fantasy. New worlds, strong female leads, gripping action sequences, and beautiful scenery that captivates the imagination.” – Reviewers on Amazon

Amazon     Barnes & Noble


Alissia Roswell is far, far from home, and she won’t be going back any time soon. After having been sucked through a wormhole, spat out half-dead in an alternate reality, and revived by Lamians—an ancient, magical people who trigger a profound metamorphosis in Alissia, giving her powers she never thought possible—Alissia becomes the subject of Alrik Durst’s manipulation. Alrik has already usurped power in the city of Pallen, and with Alissia’s arrival, he sees his opportunity to exploit the power of the Lamians to his bidding as well, driving the land ever closer to civil war. Held prisoner in the luxurious confines of the Eldership castle in Pallen, Alissia is forced to feign memory loss to protect herself and her friends while fending off the romantic overtures of Ian Durst—Alrik’s all-too-charming son.
Will the loves of her life, Grady Bolair and Luke Harrison, be able to help her escape? When she finally chooses between the two—Grady, the statesman, or Luke, the assassin—will it rip her alliances to shreds, casting uncertainty on her future?

Join Alissia as she learns to reign in her fiery personality, tries to accept her past, and struggles with the one thing that scares her most: vulnerability. Unexpected Entrapment: Alissia Roswell: Book Two will whisk you away to a world of mystical, menacing creatures and fantastic environs, where secrets abound and nothing is quite as it appears.

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Savage beasts kidnap Alissia Roswell as she is traveling to meet a separate group of Lamians than the ones that saved her life and physically changed her in the process—gifting her with many special abilities. Just when she was beginning to get accustomed to the bond she and Luke Harrison share, she awakes alone and trapped deep within an eerie bog to find she can no longer feel his presence or reach out to him with her mind.

Unexpected Peril, the third book in the Alissia Roswell Series, will take you to magical lands filled with strange and mysterious creatures. Will Alissia have a chance to adapt to her new life in this alternate reality, or will everything and everyone she has come to love be destroyed by an intense hatred for humanity.

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