Yes! Summer is officially over in the Holley house, and I’m loving it! If you’ve been following my social media, you’ll notice I haven’t been online much, and life has been full of chaos since Memorial Weekend, when we decided to sell our home near Atlanta and move to the Gulf Coast. With all the things that come with moving, along with family vacations and getting prepared to open a tea shop, I’m behind in every area of my life.

This morning, after my children left for their new schools, I let out a deep sigh of relief. Although I’m still surrounded by unpacked boxes, my walls aren’t fully painted, and the entire flooring in this home will soon be ripped out for replacement, I feel a small sense of normalcy now that we’ll be on a schedule again. I’m also back at my desk, where I truly love solitude, dark chocolate, and hot tea.

After months of traveling and eating out, I’m also hoping to get back into exercising. I’m definitely out of the habit, and my body is feeling and showing it! (The worst thing about being short–and getting older–is how easy it is to gain weight. During a biology experiment in college, I found out I was supposed to eat the least amount of calories in a day than everyone else in the room. I’ll admit that in that moment, I envied the tall guys in the room. They needed more than double my calories and could eat an entire pizza without any guilt. Just think of all the dark chocolate I could eat in a day if I were them!)

In the midst of all this chaos, it’s time I get back to work. While driving to my new home, I listened to the playlist for the Alissia Roswell Series, and all the scenes ran through my mind. I even have songs for the last book, and the scenes are clear to me. They’re intense!

If you want to hear the playlist for the first three novels, you can find the songs on each book’s Pinterest board. Until then, sign up for my newsletter to get notified with the latest on the Unexpected Beginning. I know I’m extremely late, but I’ll soon be sending it out to beta readers for review. If you want to be on that list, be sure to sign up for that as well.