Great news! (At least for me.) Alissia’s story is completely finalized in my head. It all came into place yesterday, and it’s an adventurous one, filled with strange creatures, love, betrayal, epic battles, loss, and intriguing mystery all throughout. Isn’t that exciting? Well, I’m excited.

Until yesterday, I had the third book planned out and a vague idea of how the series would end. I know that sounds foreign to a lot of my author friends, but I’m a panster writer, not an outliner. As with all the stories I carry around in my brain (there’s many), the Alissia Roswell Series started out as a character, and she soon controlled my thoughts. I did not sit down with a pen and paper plotting out her story, and I never imagined myself as being a published author. Her adventure consumed me, and I had to get it out of my head.

Since then, it’s evolved into a lot more, and yesterday her entire story flooded into my thoughts. Now that the visions are clear in my head, I am ready and eager to get them out.

Although it will be a bittersweet day for me once I type the final words in Alissia’s story, I have many others waiting to begin, and I’m eager to see where they take me. They each have a personality and adventure all of their own. I’m just thankful I get to be the one to tell their stories. (I’m also thankful Language Arts has always been my favorite subject. Humph… And my technical thinking husband always tells me it’s not as important as math. Math can’t write a book! And, yes, I understand if we were both stranded on an island, his math skills would help him to build a highly technical constructed hut, but my little wobbly, unsymmetrical hut would do just fine! I would still have a party in my artsy brain and be the happy one dancing around the island while singing random, crazy songs.)

Anyways, how do you all like my new social media banners? Jason over at Jera Publishing designed them for me (same banner in different sizes for different media). He also designed my book covers, large banner, and swag. I highly, highly recommend him and use him for all my designing.

Stay tuned for more on the Alissia Roswell Series. Unexpected Entrapment – Book Two is set for release soon. I am now working on the third book in the series. As of now, I’m thinking there may be five books in the series. That’s not a final number. (I hate commitment.) I will know more once I’m done with the third one.

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