I’ve been on a writing binge since last week, and that means things are moving along with Unexpected Beginning. I’m at some great scenes, and I’m loving it! A writing binge means I pretty much consume my life with writing, doing the minimum with everything else. My house gets messy, I ignore most of my emails and stacks of paperwork on my desk, and I also lose weight since I don’t like taking time out to eat. I get completely focused and can’t stop thinking about the story, even when I’m trying to sleep and talk to living people.

I usually release a book every year around May or June, but I’m behind with Unexpected Beginning and plan for a late summer release. It took much longer than I expected to go back and make changes to my debut novel to reflect my current writing style. That means I should have the fourth book ready for beta reading around that time, and I plan to add to my list of beta readers. I’ll prepare a form for you to get added before then, and you may want to sign up for my newsletter to get notified when it’s ready. Although I haven’t had much time to send out a recent newsletter, I do send out important information that way around release times.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers lately, and I’m so happy everyone seems to love Alissia and her story. I try my best to keep my writing full of surprises, and I love to create worlds full of vivid imagery. I thank each of you for giving the first book a try, and I hope you’ll consider taking a moment to leave a review.

Oh, and another way you can get notified of all my book releases is by clicking the follow button on my Amazon Author Page. (It’s beneath my profile picture.) I recently got an email from them letting me know about the release of a book I’ve been waiting for. I would have missed it without the notification. It’s truly a great tool to keep you updated on releases from your favorite authors.

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