I am only accepting clean adult and teen fiction at this time. If you would like to do a guest post, book spotlight, or giveaway on this blog, here are the guidelines:

Although my writing is non-Christian, I do hold to those conservative values, and I have branded myself as a PG-13 author. Therefore, no erotica authors please. I have many erotica author friends, but this site caters to readers of clean writing.

My writing is not squeaky clean. However, as a mother of two daughters, I don’t want them reading about young girls having sex outside of marriage, and I would prefer the books they read to be more positive than negative. I can’t read all the authors that post on this site, and I ask that you help me discern what I’m looking for–something that I would be okay with my daughters reading one day, which means:

Sexual descriptions – behind closed doors between one man and one woman, preferably between married couples

Cursing – preferably none, but will take mild

My current fantasy romance series addresses rape, child abuse, alcoholism, and a love triangle. There is murder and death in the series. However, I deal with these sensitive topics in a certain way. I focus on how her past rape made her feel, not the actual sexual descriptions. The love triangle has passionate kissing, but the hands never travel to forbidden places. As for the murder, it’s pretty gory, but I tried to describe it in a sensitive way without highlighting the gore and taking the readers’ minds to dark places.

If your writing falls into this PG-13 description, please email me at tntholley(at)yahoo(dot)com. Your guest post can be about any topic, as I have author and non-author followers. If there seems to be a lot of interest in the post, I will continue to tweet it on occasion. (I’ve learned that writing topics get the most hits and never get old. Therefore, they get retweeted often.)

I promote on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and your post/book will be added to my Pinterest board. Your books will also be added to an Amazon store.