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Tagged for a Blog Hop By KD Rose

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Author KD Rose tagged me on Twitter for a blog hop, and you can find her answers to these questions on her blog.  You can also find her on Twitter as @KDRose1.  Here are my answers to the questions, and now I will need to find five random authors on Twitter to continue the hop.  Should be fun reaching out randomly to others.

What are You Writing?

 I am writing the second book in the Alissia Roswell Series.  Unexpected Metamorphosis is the first one, and it was released at the end of July.  The series is a fantasy romance about a young woman pulled into a new reality and forced to rely upon others, which is something she has never done before.  

How Does This Differ From Your Last Work?

Unexpected Metamorphosis is my début novel, and I learned a lot through the long writing, editing, and publishing process.  I was clueless in many ways, and that meant there was a lot of anxiety mixed in with the excitement.  Things are very different with this second one, because I know more of what to expect.  There really isn’t any anxiety.  I’m just focused on the process itself, which is in the writing stage at this time.

Why Do You Write?

I wrote a lot of poetry as a teenager when I was dealing with some stressful issues.  I stopped writing in my twenties, but I recently went through another dark stage in my life.  The story of Unexpected Metamorphosis came to me and would not leave.  Within a week of the story coming to mind, I started typing it out, and it immediately became a passion that consumed me.  I had to type.  There really was no other choice.

Now that I’m no longer in that dark place, I still have the desire to write.  It calms me, and I greatly enjoy it.  Alissia is a strong presence in my mind, along with two other women.  I can’t wait to hold each of their finished stories in my hands.  In a way, it’s like giving life to a fictional person when their story is shared with others.  They were once nothing, and suddenly they are loved by the people that read about them.  I do love the characters very much, as I spend a lot of time thinking about them.

What is Your Process?

I really don’t have a certain process.  Unlike most of the authors I know, I have a random personality, and I despise outlining.  Even the thought of outlining makes me cringe.  I do, however, have a small notebook that I scribble a lot of my ideas into.  The stories demand their space in my mind, and they come to me at various times.  I don’t have any control over when I think about them, and it can be very distracting at times trying to deal with reality when my brain is stuck in a fictional place.

I love to write outside on my back porch when it’s not too cold or hot, and I pretty much always have a cup of hot tea by my laptop while writing.  Oh, and chocolate.  I do love my dark chocolate breaks, at least if I don’t give into a binge and have guilt.

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