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Pictures From Last Weekend’s Book Signing

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Here are some pictures from my latest book signing hosted by Truly Living Well in Atlanta. It was a beautiful day for an outside event and was very relaxing. I applaud what they are doing and was very surprised to see a plot of land in the middle of the city dedicated to growing organic vegetables. They offer classes and fresh produce, and they even harvest their own tea blends.


A special thanks goes to Linda Oberlin for including me in this event and for all that she does with Truly Living Well. Not only is she an amazing children’s author and illustrator, she has a big heart and loves children. Her book titled Eco in the Garden was inspired by Truly Living Well.

 photo IMG_4035_zpsf56640a5.jpg

Of course, I’m all for fresh organic tea and food. I also bought a piece of pumpkin bread but ate that before taking a picture of my purchases. The tea blends were grown in the Truly Living Well garden, picked, and then dried and mixed for some unique flavors. I love trying new teas and had never even heard of basil tea.

 photo IMG_4037_zpscaf134ae.jpg

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Roswell/North Atlanta Authors United First Meeting

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Last week was our first Roswell/North Atlanta Authors United meeting, and I’m very excited about the future of this group. If you are a writer in the North Atlanta area, be sure to check it out. Although it’s new, we already have 49 local authors or aspiring authors, and thanks to Heather Leigh, we already have our first project–planning a book festival for Woodstock, Georgia.

As of now, we have a monthly meeting and a separate monthly training class. The main focus of the group is marketing and networking, and I have many projects in mind as we grow. The idea behind this group is simple–We have a stronger voice within our community if we unite. Instead of one children’s author contacting the local schools for a book reading or signing, how about each school having a local author day with a group of children’s authors. The same goes for local bookstores and festivals within the area.

 photo IMG_3394_zpse53f0656.jpg

These are some of the novels by our local authors who attended the first meeting. There are many genres represented within this group.

 photo IMG_3390_zpsf6e62950.jpg

 photo IMG_3389_zps39d52b63.jpg
 photo IMG_3398_zps26247eb1.jpg
 photo IMG_3396_zps7e9a7cd6.jpg

It just happened to be Wayne Evans’ birthday so he got a special treat. So happy he decided to join us on his special day. And thank you, Wayne, for a copy of Is it a Bird, a Plane or a Red Chicken?

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Pictures from the Jesup Book Signing

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Here’s a couple of pictures from the book signing in Jesup, Georgia. Although it wasn’t a busy signing, I highly enjoyed getting to meet two of my biggest fans. They both told me what was going through their minds as they read Unexpected Entrapment, and as an author, I loved hearing the excitement in their voices. They are eager for more, and it’s fans like these that help with the self-doubt that sometimes creeps into my head.

I also got to spend time with my mother, which is a rare pleasure in itself.


Although I did bring a camera with me to South Georgia, I regret that I did not use it, and I did the best I could to fix the picture below. This is Tabitha Peacock and Debbie Lorenz, two of my biggest supporters. Don’t be surprised if you find their names in one of the future Alissia Roswell novels.

 photo us_zps4edc08ff.jpg

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Thanks for All the Support from Coastal Manor

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I spent the last week in South Georgia with my mother and enjoyed another book signing at Coastal Manor in Ludowici. Just as before, everyone welcomed me with smiles and kind words, and it made my mother very happy to be able to introduce me to her friends and coworkers. She is very blessed to have such a pleasant work environment.

I enjoyed meeting new readers and those that have already read Unexpected Metamorphosis. 
 photo IMG_3274_zps205a0653.jpg

So glad to have met Hazel Gilmore. I hear she loves the Alissia Roswell Series and was excited about the release of Unexpected Entrapment.

 photo IMG_3240_zps31ae42b8.jpg

She loves the butterflies and font.

 photo IMG_3134_zps33229e98.jpgMy mother took Unexpected Entrapment with her everywhere we went.

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