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My Night at FoxTale Book Shoppe

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I’d like to thank FoxTale Book Shoppe for including me in this month’s Emerging Author and Discussion event. It was a pleasure meeting a diverse group of authors, along with readers. As usual, when I get back from a group authors’ event, I add more books to my reading list. Ann Timken’s personal story sounds intriguing, and I’ve added her fictional book titled Sight in the Sandstorm to my reading pile (which I hope to get to this summer after my latest release).

I had the pleasure of having two of my nieces join me for the event, which made the night even better. The downtown area of Woodstock, Georgia, is a happening place on the first Fridays during the warm months, and we ended our evening walking and enjoying the live music, lights, and ambiance. I ate an amazing black bean burger while sitting outside under the lights, and it was the perfect night.
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 photo 082b89e8-1881-4c12-989a-dbb6f8ecb011_zps5i3ftljx.jpg

It was a pleasure to meet Ann Timken and then end the night with two of my nieces. New faces, crazy family, great ambiance, and delicious food. Life is good!

 photo 429e2e95-6ac4-4738-bb6e-683c4cb2ef67_zpswnryktpy.jpg

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A Day at the Augusta Literary Festival

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I’d like to thank the Augusta Richmond County Public Library for having me as one of their authors for the 4th Annual Augusta Literary Festival. It was an honor and pleasure to be a part of the festival, and the staff and volunteers went above and beyond. The library itself is large and spacious and is filled with activities run by the staff and volunteers. It’s quite impressive!

Don’t look for me in the group photo above, as I was busy listening to another author explain how she started writing a young adult fantasy series while her son was in the hospital for cancer. I was completely enthralled in the story of her writing journey and did not step away for the photo session. I hope to share her series with you soon, as it’s on the top of my read list.

While there, I got to meet some authors I already network with through Clean Indie Reads. I also found some future reads I can’t wait to download and read on my Kindle. I’ll definitely be posting reviews and sharing them with you.
 photo 14fada0f-b125-4b47-a4e6-de276c2d9d82_zpsekgduf33.jpg

Meet William L. Stuart and Charmain Z. Brackett. They’re both Clean Indie Reads authors from Georgia.
 photo 1508-2_zpsj6tei6hh.jpeg

William was at the festival with his wife, and he’s the author of The Gemstone Chronicles, a young adult fantasy series. And, yes, it’s on my read list, also 🙂

 photo 1508-3_zpsb8pnfnvd.jpeg

Charmaine is the author of a young adult fantasy novella series, a mystery series, and a children’s book titled Little Pearl’s Circus World–which I fell completely in love with. It has a beautiful cover and is filled with amazing illustrations.

Charmaine’s grandmother was in the circus, and she did a lot of research to write this book. At the back, it includes beautiful pictures of her grandmother, and this book is not just a cute children’s book. It truly is an amazing work of art! I highly recommend you contact her for a signed copy to give as a gift.
 photo 83a12bbb-8312-4fd3-bc0e-b6870a9a3492_zps5jnglnza.jpg

I didn’t get to talk to Natalie Wilson much, as I didn’t find her until the end of the festival. I was checking out a few author tables when I recognized her books from Clean Indie Reads. She’s the author of the Children of Angels Series, which is currently getting a new cover design.

All these fantasy authors! I have a lot to read 🙂

I hope to attend the festival again next year, and I met many other authors outside of the fantasy genre and Clean Indie Reads group. I just don’t have the time to highlight all of them, but I do hope to see them again at future signings.

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