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Haven Sy Fy Television Review

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve done a television show review, with the other being Fringe. Today I’d like to share a great Sy Fy show called Haven. It has a strong female lead, and it’s rated TV-PG. My husband and I have watched this show together since it first aired in 2010.

I really like the setting in Maine, and the characters are lovable. I’ve really never had a problem with this show, as it’s not dark or filled with cursing or sex scenes. The first couple of seasons are light and fun, but the story is beginning to get more intense. The plot is definitely heating up.

The show is about how a bunch of “troubles” has plagued the town on and off for many years. The main character is Audrey, and she is not affected by the troubles. Each episode deals with Audrey and her partner, Nathan, trying to figure out a case dealing with a certain trouble. When I say trouble, it could be anything from people dying when they hear an infected baby cry, a woman who can cause severe pain with her touch, another woman turning everything she eats into cake, and other sorts of crazy and random “troubles.”

Each episode usually gets a different trouble, and we watch as they try to deal with it. As time goes on, we learn about Audrey’s true past (which is a complete mystery to her). We learn where the troubles originated, and many other things.

Right now, we’re at season five, which is split into two years. The first half of the season aired last year, and I expect the second half to begin in September. (I don’t have the official date yet.) I’m eager for it to begin, because the plot has gotten very intriguing.

I recommend this show if you like sy fy and want something different. (It’s definitely different!) You can watch the first four seasons on Netflix. Here’s a trailer for the first season. After watching the trailer, I now remember how the show portrayed a priest filled with hatred wanting to end the troubles in the wrong way. I had forgotten about that, because that part of the show only lasted for one or two seasons. So there is a bit of stereotypical (hateful) religion in the beginning of the series.

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Fringe – My Summer Addiction

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Television Reviews | 0 comments

Over the summer my husband and I found a television series called Fringe on Netflix.  There are five seasons in total, and there are over twenty episodes per season.  We started watching the series and soon found ourselves addicted, which is not something I can say we’ve ever done before.  We watched the show almost every night until we reached the end.

It’s a science fiction show, and they take the impossible and make it possible, which gives way to chaos.  I don’t want to say too much.  I read a review of the show before I began to watch it, and the review gave away a detail that I wish I had not known.  It would have been better to figure it out on my own.  If I don’t give you any details, the first two seasons will be better for you.

I can say that since watching the show, I’ve seen others typing about it on Facebook.  It seems my husband and I weren’t the only people addicted to it over the summer.

The first two seasons are fun and interesting, but the third and fourth season get a little deeper and suspenseful.  The fifth season is nothing like the others.  It’s much darker and intense, and I wonder if they had a different set of writers or director.  In the end, you’ll love the characters and feel for all they go through, which is a LOT.

As for my rating of the show, there is a lot of gross and bloody, scientific scenes, but I wouldn’t call it gory.  There’s only a couple of sexual scenes, and I considered them mild.  The scientist in the show does have a struggle with his belief in God, and if you are a Christian, there are some moments where you’ll cringe at what he says.  However, his comments are balanced out in his later self.  Although it is a scientific show and there is a struggle with science and God, the writers seemed to try to balance faith with science, which I found surprising.

I highly recommend this show.  You can watch it instantly if you have Netflix, and Prime members can watch it for free on Amazon.  I also noticed there are some books on Amazon that seem to be an addition to the television show.  I think they were written for the fans after the show began.  I doubt I will be reading them.  I have a large stack of books I need to read from my author friends.  It will be a while before I buy other books to read.


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