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Public Speaking, a Book Signing, and Family

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My children were out of school on Monday and Tuesday, so we headed to South Georgia to visit Alissia’s hometown of Jesup.  We stayed at my mother’s house, along with my sister and her youngest children.  Not only was it my mom’s birthday on Sunday, but one of my nephews also.  It was the perfect weekend with my family.  I even got to see my oldest nephew for a short moment as he stopped in town on his way back to college in Virginia.

My sister accompanied me to my speaking engagement at the public library on Saturday, and my aunt surprised me with her presence.  Since I teach ESL, I’m used to standing in front of people, talking and answering questions.  I love to talk, and public speaking fits my personality perfectly.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to read something one day from those interested in becoming an author.

Monday afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a book signing at Coastal Manor in Ludowici.  Not only did I get to meet some of my readers, but my mother was by my side, and I enjoyed our time together.  (I believe my mother is my biggest fan.)  The people at Coastal Manor have been very supportive of my writing, and I am grateful to them for their kind words.  My mother is very blessed to know each of them.

Dazzling Designs and Tanning in Jesup still has some copies for sale, and I also left some with my mother, if you don’t like to order from online.  Otherwise, you can find Unexpected Metamorphosis at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and all other main book sellers.

As with any time I spend with my family, there’s always a funny story to tell.  (I could write many books on the crazy things we do when together.)  My sister was installing a dishwasher for my mom while I was in the shower, trying to get ready for the book signing.  She cut the power off, and the water soon stopped.  I had to spend fifteen minutes standing in the shower freezing, with shampoo in my hair and eyes.  Needless to say, I promised my sister I would be murdering a red head in one of my future novels, and I won’t show any mercy!

I don’t get to see my family often, and my busy life easily gets in the way of our relationship.  While this weekend built memories I will never forget, it also reminded me of how important family is.  As I’m nearing another birthday, I can’t help but remember that our time here on earth is limited, and we should cherish the family we grew up with.  They’ve put up with us and loved us the longest 🙂


I left my camera, and this was my sister’s attempt with my iphone 5, still not good. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My mother and biggest fan.


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Book Release Party

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I want to personally thank everyone who came out to my book release party.  Most of you all know that I had just returned from a convention in Vegas, and our son was in the hospital while I was out of town.  Our children also started school last week, so things were pretty much chaotic around here.  I was worried everything would fall apart, but the party was a success.  Trader Joes saved me when it came to last-minute food, and everyone was filled with smiles.  Not only did I get to meet some new people, I got to visit with others I have not seen for a while.  Before writing took over my life, I often hosted parties, and I really miss doing that.

The support I have received from other authors, friends, and family has been much more than expected, and I could not have done any of this without y’all.

I hope you enjoy Unexpected Metamorphosis.  I am eager to get the next book in the series out, and the intense writing will begin this week.  I am working for a spring release of book two and the related novella.

Once again, thank you for your amazing support.  The people I have met over the past few weeks and the responses they have given after reading my work has given me a lot to smile about.  As with every writer or artist, we sometimes doubt what we do.  I’ve had days like that.  Then I remind myself of all the positive feedback I’ve received, and my doubt is pushed away.



Meet Hollie and Brandon Lytle.  Hollie is an amazing photographer outside of Atlanta, and you can learn more about her work by clicking here.


I am very blessed to live in a friendly neighborhood.  This is Laura and Shawna, two of my sweet and lovely neighbors.


The new camera we were using is definitely not a good one.


It was Brandon Lytle’s idea to take a photo on the stairs, and it worked perfectly to fit us all in.  Thanks Brandon!

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