Okay, I finally decided upon an excerpt of Unexpected Peril to share with you. I have to be careful, because I don’t want to give away too much. Y’all know how much I love weaving a web full of surprises, and my latest work holds true to that.

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Tears of pain came to her eyes as the merman fiercely tried to wrench her free of Gafeen’s grasp. Although the massive warrior fought to keep his hold on her, there were too many to fight off, and he was soon forced to let go.

As she felt her body being pulled from the boat, she mentally shouted, “Finish it! Quickly take the boat to land!” Then darkness surrounded her as she hit the water.

She felt herself being hauled through the water at a rapid speed. Out of fear of drowning, she mentally locked onto the crocodile again and told him to save her.

The merman dragging her through the water lifted her up for a quick breath of air before she was pulled back down. As he took off again, the crocodile swam between them and bit down on her kidnapper’s arm, giving Alissia the distraction she needed to pull away.

Her only thought was to get to land, and although she had night vision, her eyes were not made for the murky water. Nevertheless, she desperately swam through the darkness in the direction she assumed the bank to be located.

A monstrous scream from within Alissia’s head stopped her cold, and her entire body began to convulse in agony. Shortly thereafter, the pain ended, and as her body began to sink, she felt a small sense of satisfaction in knowing it was all over. She would never have to fight and endure life’s challenges anymore.