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Clean Indie Reads is a large group of authors that are dedicated to writing books free of sex, with mild language and violence. Although the group is less than two years old, it’s grown so much within the past year that the site had to be moved from a small blog to its very own website. New authors are joining daily, and we are all about supporting clean reads in a world where erotica is the main seller.

Right now, many of the authors have put their books free or on sale, and you should definitely check it out. Although my Unexpected Metamorphosis is free at the moment, you won’t find it listed on the sale page, as I was focused on finishing my first draft last month and got too distracted to add my information. However, there are a variety of books there.

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They’re also having their first Facebook party, with many authors hosting and giving away prizes. The party began on Tuesday, and it ends today. It runs from 12:00 to 10:00 p.m. so if you’re online, you may want to pop in and see who’s hosting at the moment.


I have a presence on Clean Indie Reads, and you can read my interview and take a look at my author information there. I highly recommend you check out some of the other authors on the site if you’re into cleaner reads. The writers in this community is a great group of people–professionally and as friends. They are highly supportive, and there are some amazing reads over there.

If you’re an author, you can join by going to the private Facebook group. As a reader, you can follow the new Facebook page dedicated to readers. I hope to see you over there, as it’s a great way to support clean authors.

In a market where erotica rules, it sometimes gets discouraging as a clean writer–especially a clean romance writer. It really does mean a lot when a reader thanks an author for keeping their writing clean. It’s not all that easy to write passionate, fantasy romance–notice the word passionate. Each time I type out a romantic or death scene, I struggle to keep it real and passionate, yet clean. It’s truly a balancing act, as clean fantasy romance does not mean sweet fantasy romance. I could easily cross certain lines when typing out those scenes, but I struggle to write them without taking my readers’ minds to dark places.