Exciting news for this website: Since branding myself as a clean author, I have found that marketing can sometimes be difficult for me among many of my fellow romance authors. Most of the romance genre contains a lot of sexual graphics, and it can be a problem for me since I prefer not to be affiliated with that market.

I am a member of many author groups, and I don’t participate in the majority of the marketing they provide because it’s just too graphic for me. Most of my support and networking comes from clean authors, and I have recently decided to get more involved with these authors.

Starting next week, this blog will host authors for guest posts every Monday. On Thursday, some of their books will be featured on this site, and during their visit on my blog, they will do a giveaway (usually ebooks). This site will eventually be a place for readers to find books that follow certain guidelines when it comes to sexual content and cursing. There will also be a new Pinterest board to help you browse the books.

If you enjoy clean reads, please stay tuned and get ready to meet some fabulous authors. I would appreciate if you would help spread the word and participate with the authors when they visit.

I am also looking for beta readers so that I can eventually provide a service to help out my fellow authors. If you have an e-Reader of any kind and you love to read, please contact me via the comments button in the menu. I will soon have an official form to fill out. However, I’m posting this right before an appointment so I won’t have it ready at the time of this post.

Let me know your thoughts. Also, get ready to meet some great authors and win some clean reads. As always, all we ask for in return is an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads.