My adorable little five-year old crawled into my bed this morning to snuggle, and he started the conversation with, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a publisher.”  He continued with talk about book cover design and that he wants to change his name in case he ever decides to write a book.  He then decided he would write one about robots.

In the end, I was quite amazed at how much he knows about the publishing industry.  As the day has progressed, I have begun to think about how much change this family has endured now that I have become an author.  Before I became consumed with the life of Alissia Roswell, I home schooled my children and was a full-time mom.  Now, I spend the majority of my time at my desk typing at the computer, and this fall will be their first year in a public school.  My oldest daughter is a bit nervous about this, but I believe she will adapt.

Then there’s my husband Daryl.  He is doing more around the house and is having to get used to less homemade desserts.  Although I still love to bake, my time is more limited in the kitchen.  Luckily, I have two daughters that share my passion of cooking, and I can sometimes talk them into cooking dinner or baking something sweet, yet healthy.

Social media has become a necessity in my life for marketing and networking, and I now find myself answering emails, tweeting, and checking my Facebook more often than I would like.  I’ve got to learn time management when school begins since that is when I plan to focus on book two of the Alissia Roswell series.  I have a time limit and plan to stay on schedule.

Although our lives have drastically changed now that I have become an author, I’m pleased by these changes in my family.  My children are becoming more independent, and my husband is getting more involved with running the house.  I never planned to write a novel.  In fact, I did not know myself until the week I started typing.  The story came to me, and it had to get out.  I was driven to write, and at first it was for myself.  I did not plan to try to have it published until about halfway through, when my friend and I realized it was a great story worth sharing.

I believe a lot of families go through changes like ours.  You may not have become an author, but it could be something else.  I would love to hear about it in the comments section if you would like to share your version, and I look forward to the discussion.