Clean reads means something different for everyone. Although I don’t write Christian fiction, I do hold to those beliefs in my personal life. Therefore,  if you would like to have your novels listed on the Guiltless/Clean Reads Pinterest boards, Guiltless/Clean Reads Adult Store, or Guiltless/Clean Reads Teen Store here are the guidelines of what I promote:

  • None to mild cursing
  • The violence not to be too graphic and gory (think PG-13 in movies–your character can stab someone to death, just don’t describe bits of blood dripping everywhere or take the reader’s mind to extreme dark places)
  • Sex behind closed doors, preferably after marriage, and only between one man and one woman (With teen reads the main love story doesn’t have sex until after marriage–can have past mistakes mentioned, rape, or friends that do it. The story should not glorify sex between teens–think abstinence or guilt over a mistake.)
  • The kissing scenes can be passionate (hands in hair, on back… but hands don’t travel to forbidden places–remember PG-13, no nipple visualization by the reader)

Clean doesn’t mean it has to be a sweet romance. My writing includes child abuse, rape, addiction, murder, a passionate love triangle, and a feisty heroine–I don’t do sweet. However, it’s all in the way it’s described and how far it takes the reader’s mind–even if bodies are being dragged behind horses. I have a main character with a conscience, and she struggles with the negativity around her.

As for Pinterest, it is always best to have your book pin take the reader to your own website. However, you can also use the pin it button on Amazon or Goodreads. Either way, you will need to direct me to a pin it button somewhere about your books. My pins direct people to read the first two chapters of my novels directly from my site. Then, if they want, they can easily learn more about me and my writing style. I can also track how many people are clicking on the pins through my site.

I will try to do a blog post soon on how to use Pinterest as an author. Until then, if you want, you can do a Google search to learn how to put a Pinterest share button on your site. It’s been a long time since I added it to mine so I don’t remember off the top of my head. Just make sure your button lets the person choose the picture of your novel. You can also check out my Unexpected Metamorphosis board to see what I’ve done to promote that novel.

I ‘m only promoting clean adult and teen fiction at this time. I work very hard to have my novels professionally done. With that said, I maintain the same standards for the books I promote. The book needs to have a professional looking cover, be edited to the fullest, and be getting decent ratings (unless it’s a new release). I’m not just throwing any books onto my Pinterest boards and in my store. I want people to follow these boards and shop at the store; therefore, quality is important.

As of now, I offer the following to authors: Pinterest boards, clean reads book store, author guest post/book spotlight/giveaway, and to be added to a list of clean authors to do future promotions with. These promotions will include blog hops, book hooks, sales, etc.

To be added to the Pinterest board and Amazon store, you can email me at tntholley(at)yahoo(dot)com with the titles of the books to be added, genre, and web address of where to be pinned from. Also, let me know if it is teen or adult, depending on the ages of the main characters.