I’ve been a member of Ebates since 2013, and although I didn’t do much online shopping in the beginning, that’s changed over the past year. Shopping online gives me the opportunity to read reviews and find the best deals. It also saves me a lot of time, as I don’t have to drive to a store, get overwhelmed with choices, throw other things in the buggy (cart if you’re from the North) that catch my eye, and I don’t have to wait in lines. Instead, I just do a quick online search and read reviews before looking for the best deal. I often get the purchases within a few days and usually don’t even pay shipping fees. Returns are easy–especially if the store is nearby.

Here’s a screenshot of a recent email I received from Ebates:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.03.11 AM


And the check is on its way! I bought things I specifically wanted, mostly on sale and with coupons, and I got a rebate back for my purchases.

Ebates is awesome when it comes to pricey items. I decided to get another paddle board on Memorial Day while the stores were having sales, so I went to Ebates and found Backcountry (which usually has great prices). I found a board with a big discount, and then I typed the name of the board into Google and read the reviews and watched a few videos to make sure it was a good one. After adding it to the cart, I searched RetailMeNot and a few other sites to see if I could find a promotional code (for a greater discount). In the end, I got a couple hundred dollars off, and because I went to Ebates first, I got an additional $60 in rebates via a check in the mail. I also got a $100 credit for my next purchase at Backcountry. The board arrived in the mail, and I love it.

Since I do a lot of clothes shopping online at Macys (I can barely find a size 5 shoe in an actual store), I subscribed to their email list to know about their sales. Again, I use Ebates and add a promotional code (always search for promotional codes when shopping–online and in stores). I get the packages within a few days, and if something doesn’t fit, I’ll toss it in the back of my SUV and return it the next time I’m near the mall. Oh, and I’ve linked my Plenti account to Macys, so I get some money back with them, as well.

Do you use Groupon? I get rebates and special discounts through them, just for using Ebates. You’ll see that many stores are listed on Ebates. However, their rebate percentages vary, and the percentages sometimes go up during promotions. Although I get a lot of money back with Macys and Groupon purchases, I don’t receive as much back when I order from Old Navy or Amazon. Each store has their own set percentage.

I highly recommend signing up for Ebates. They even have an app for your phone or iPad to make things even easier. Know of other ways to save online? I’d love to hear in the comments below.