I read this over the summer, and although I immediately wrote a review, I did not publish it.  It was harsh.  This author, Kristin Cashore, actually got me mad, and I’m not the only one bothered by this book.  I have read many reviews from people complaining of the same thing.  This is not a kid friendly book, as it is supposed to be.  It sends the wrong message to children.

The first half of the book was great.  I actually loved the two main characters and their coming romance.  The female lead is a strong, trained killer, yet she had a feminine side to her.  I say had, because all of that changed suddenly around the middle of the book.  I was reading this late at night and put it down, because I suddenly disliked and couldn’t relate to the character.  I even thought she had been drugged or something.  There had to be an explanation for her sudden crazy actions.

When she realized there was a chance she could like the man she was traveling with, she took all of her clothes off and jumped into a freezing stream and swam laps.  She basically freaked out and went crazy.  By this time, she had already chopped all of her hair off and started acting differently than in the beginning of the book.

The idea of love and marriage was not an option for her.  (Remember, this is targeted at children.)  So, what was the solution?  Casual sex.  Both the man and woman agreed to this.  This book portrays love and marriage as weak and negative, but casual sex is good.

What?!  Forgive me, but what was the author thinking?  At least the couple used a potion to keep her from getting pregnant.

I don’t know if this author went through a divorce in the middle of writing this novel or what, because the beginning showed promise of a great teen romance.  However, by the end of the book, I felt like the author had an anti-love and marriage agenda.

I’ve read many other reviews about this book.  (It is a big seller.)  I’ve even read reviews written by feminists that are upset with the way the author portrayed feminists, as if they all cut their hair off and don’t wear dresses.  Although this book is getting great reviews by some, it’s also getting negative reviews for the same reason as I’m giving one.  By the end of the book (targeted at children), you walk away feeling as if the author was pushing a hidden agenda on you.  It was supposed to be a romance, yet it was loveless and weak.