It’s only been two years since the release of my debut novel, and I now have three books published. Technically, Unexpected Metamorphosis was written three years ago, and it’s quite amazing how much I’ve learned since then.

Most of what I’ve learned comes from working with three different editors. They each have a different style and things that bother them.

I’ve also listened to my readers–most of them complete strangers. Although the reviews I’ve gotten on the Alissia Roswell Series are highly positive and more than I ever imagined when I became a published author, one person made a comment that got my attention. She gave four stars and said she enjoyed the book and would continue reading the series, but she did notice some receptiveness in how much I mentioned Alissia’s abusive past.

I could easily ignore this critique, but the reviewer was not offensive or trying to be mean. It was an honest review, and I noted her opinion. Shortly thereafter, I decided that I would go back through my debut novel and make some revisions.

This decision did not come just from that one review. It came from the experience of writing more books. I’ve learned new tricks and techniques that I want each of my novels to have. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, and I want every one of my books to be the best they can be. I want my readers to hang on every word–thinking they’ll read just one more chapter for the night, only to have each chapter end on a cliffhanger that keeps them glued to the pages.

Sadistic of me? Hah! I do enjoy hearing what my readers have to say, and I love how they can’t put the books down.

I’ve read many articles written by famous authors, and they all agree that a writer learns by writing. Many of them say they’re still learning, and I can see why. I feel as if my writing improves with each book I write. It truly does get better with experience. We grow, and we improve with each sentence.

Since I’ve started reading through my debut novel, I see a major difference in my writing style and am making the subtle changes. In a way, it feels good to see how different I am as a writer. It shows that I’ve grown and improved, and I hope to continue improving.

Will I look back six years from now and see things I should have written differently? I hope so! I hope my next series is even more captivating than my first. (Although, Alissia is very dear to my heart.)

I also hope you’ll continue with me, as I have many unwritten adventures yet to come. Each of them are filled with intrigue and mystery that will keep you glued to the pages–exactly where I want you!