My son opened the door first thing this morning to let our little dog Gigi out, and guess what he found on the porch.  It’s here!  It’s finally here.  Although I’m happy, I thought I’d be ecstatic about getting to hold my novel for the first time, but all I can think about is the rest of my list of things to do.  The pile on my desk is a bit high, and I’m trying to get caught up before the children go back to school next month, and then I get to focus on the next book in the series.  That is what I’m looking forward to, going back to writing.  That is the fun part of being an author.  The rest is work.

I’m ready to immerse my mind in the life of Alissia once again and let her story flow through my fingers onto the keyboard.  Her story is already in my head, wanting desperately to get out.

I guess if I had to search for an emotion today, it would be a sense of feeling blessed.  Becoming an author was not really my plan.  In fact, I had no idea I would start writing a book until about four days before I started typing, and once I started, I was not doing it to get published.  I was doing it for myself.

Unexpected Metamorphosis has changed my life in many ways.  Where I once spent my days homeschooling my children, I now spend my days at a desk handling marketing, networking, designing, blogging, publishing, and writing.  It fits my Type A personality well.

I hope you will read my novel and leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon, and I await your comments also.  All authors want to hear how their writings affect others.  I love talking to someone after they’ve read Alissia’s story.  Each person comes away with different thoughts.