My five-year-old son had a mark on his back Saturday that resembled a mosquito bite.  Although he had scratched at it heavily, it was no cause for concern, and my best girlfriend and I boarded a plane early Monday morning and went to Las Vegas for the Romance Novel Convention.  Although I’ve greatly enjoyed the last two days and today started off with smiles of anticipation for the beginning of the convention, I am now a frazzled mother wishing I were back home holding my son in his hospital bed.

It seems his rash has grown, and my husband took him to Urgent Care last night.  They did not know what the rash is from, so they gave him medicines to fight both viral and bacterial infections.  Today my son got a second rash, and my husband thought it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he started last night, so he took little John Isaac to his pediatrician.  Now my son is admitted into the hospital with IVs, and my husband is way out of his element.  He also has my 11 and 9-year-old daughters with him at the hospital.

My entire family is spending the night in the hospital, and we don’t know what is wrong with my son just yet.  Meanwhile, the convention just began, and all I want to do is be with my little one, who has never been in a hospital.  My mind is in two very different places now, but I’m taking a deep breath and waiting to find out more from the doctors.

I guess I now get the full effect of being a working mother.