I’m finally going to attempt it! My head has been filled with stories that I’ve tried to avoid while focusing on the Alissia Roswell Series, but they won’t go away. They haunt me in the shower and when I’m trying to sleep, and just as Alissia did, they demand their stories be told.

The Alissia Roswell Series is completely plotted out in my head so there’s not a lot of major planning that needs to be done. Instead of taking a break, another young woman’s adventure has been filling my thoughts. Each of the characters already have their personalities, and I already have scenes that constantly come to mind.

I’m tired of pushing her and her friends away, and I’ve decided to write two novels at once. Many authors do this. I just thought I’d never be one of them. However, since I’m now working on my third novel, the writing process is a lot easier for me than in the beginning. You get better with practice, and that is very true for me.

I’m going to switch to Scrivener for my writing software on this story, and I’m hoping it will help me to get better organized. There are many notebooks, scrap  papers, and all sorts of random notes filled with scribbles for Alissia’s story. No one could understand them but me, and they’re spread out all over the house. I’ve actually had to search my house and purses to find certain notes.

With Scrivener, there is a section for me to write the details of each of the characters, which I’m eager to use. As for outlining, no, I don’t think I’ll ever get that organized. It’s just not how my brain works.

You’ve probably noticed I have not been hosting guest authors or doing a lot of blogging lately. That is because I’ve been focused on my writing. I’m 44,000 words into Unexpected Entrapment, and now I’m adding another project. My goal is to get at least two books out within a year, and I want to do more reading.

I avoided reading books while writing my first two novels, because I feared they would distract me from Alissia’s story. However, I’m now at a place where I can read a book and go back to writing without any problems. I need to read, as it’s a great way to study other author’s work and sometimes learn from them.

This means I should be posting more book reviews, along with adding more books to my Pinterest boards and Amazon store. If you enjoy clean reading, I hope you check out the boards and store, as I will be adding to them each week.