Due to the coming changes of Facebook policies, you will no longer be able to see my cover reveals or release dates through Facebook. As of 2015, anything they consider promotional posts will not show up in your newsfeed. Many authors and small businesses are leaving Facebook because of these changes, and I have begun to rely less on this site also.

If you are active on Google+, all of my blog posts go there. I now use my Instagram more and am active with Pinterest. Twitter is great for meeting new people, but not so much for keeping up with them.

If you truly want to be notified of important information regarding book releases, cover reveals, and sneak peeks, then you should sign up for my newsletter. Although I try to send one out every month, I have yet to reach that goal and usually send one out every two months. However, that changes around the time of a book release.

You can also go to my Amazon author page and click on the favorite button below my picture to be notified when I have a new release.