I knew I would get asked that question about Alissia. Except for her green eyes, we look almost identical, but there’s a reason for that. Every detail about Alissia has a purpose, even her petite size and dark hair. I can’t tell you what that purpose is, but once you read the book, you will understand why I made her small like me and gave her dark hair.

As for why I chose Jesup, Georgia, as her hometown, I also had a reason for that. Jesup is a small town in South Georgia, and hunting is a big part of that town. I wanted Alissia to have that outdoorsy background instead of being raised in the city.

As you read Unexpected Metamorphosis, you will get to know Alissia very well, and I’m sure you will understand her and grow to love her. She is a very strong-willed character, and I pretty much threw her into a blender and turned it on high speed. Her personality, childhood, and even looks all play a big role in who she is and how she relates to all I put her through.

Does she look like me? Yes. Does she have a strong personality like me? Yes, that makes life and this story more interesting. Do we share the same background? No, I have never seen my father drink, and he is nothing like Alissia’s father. Although I’ve killed my share of deer in my days before moving to the suburbs, I have never seen my father with a gun, and he did not teach me how to hunt. Alissia and I do not share the same past, and although we resemble each other in many ways, we are not the same.

I love each and every character in this novel and dread the day Alissia’s story ends. Although I already have other books planned once this series is over, I don’t think I could ever love another character as much as I love her. Maybe it’s because she’s my first, and that is how it is with your first novel. She has been in my head for over a year now, and since her story has a long way to go, she will continue to be in my thoughts for more years to come.

As a writer creating an advanced plot, my mind is continuously consumed with Alissia’s life. I think of her all throughout the day and even into the night. Although I love being an author, it means I now share my life with Alissia. It really is as if I’m in another world each and every day when I write. I’m taking a break this summer and focusing on the release coming next month, but once the children start school again, I plan to focus on the next book. Once again, I will be consumed with Alissia, and it can be hard to balance reality and fantasy. I will spend an entire day typing a thick plot and once I walk away from my computer, it’s sometimes hard to turn my “work” off. Although I may be talking to a doctor or friend about various things in reality, I could actually be thinking about an advanced murder or love scene. (I do love thinking about the love scenes.)

If you have not read the first two chapters, please do so. You can then meet Alissia, and I can’t wait for you to get to know her.