Memory’s Wake, written by Selina Fenech, is the first book in the Memory’s Wake Trilogy. It starts out fast, diving straight into the story, with Memory waking with amnesia. She immediately meets another girl just before they run away from a group of dangerous men with a dragon.

Although the story is told from four different views, two females and two males, it’s not hard to follow. Each character has a different personality and reason for doing what they do. We get into each of their heads and easily understand them.

This was a fun story full of adventure and great characters. Not much for intrigue and suspense, so it didn’t tempt me into going on an all night book binge. Loved the illustrations.

As for my clean rating for a young adult, there’s a hint of a future romance that may go deeper in the next book. The kissing scene was PG rated, and the action wasn’t gory. The two girls also got drunk at one point.

The only problem I really had with this book–and it’s a big one due to my personal belief–was the one curse word this author chose to use more than once. It’s the most offensive one, which include’s God’s name. Coming from someone who spent her teen years in Florida–extremely wild and rebellious–that word was offensive back then by many teens using drugs and drinking. Today, my high school daughter tells me it’s still the same. If someone uses that word at school, usually another teen will tell them it’s just not cool. Maybe this is because I’m from the South (Bible Belt), but I just don’t believe it belongs in young adult books (or any book I want to read).

Since I go by the Goodreads rating system, I’m giving this book two stars. It was okay. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger but left me somewhat curious enough to read the next book in the series. However, I don’t think I will.