Yesterday I got a new toy in the mail–a Kindle Paperwhite. Although I had a busy day, I was dying to try it out. However, I’m a binge reader, so I know I should never start a book in the evening on a weekday. Once I start reading, it’s just too hard for me to put a good book down.

With the idea of only getting a listing of books from my author friends over at Clean Indie Reads, I got them to give me the links of their fantasy and young adult novels for my daughter. (Tomorrow is her birthday, and I got her a Paperwhite also.) I truly had no intention of starting a book last night. I was only going to add the novels to my wish list on Amazon so that I could read them and give reviews at a later time.

Well, it seems I have NO self-control–even while looking through a list of books on Facebook. I winded up getting a novella, and I shamefully started to read, knowing I was risking a good night’s sleep. Fortunately for me, I was finished before 11:00 p.m. Wow! I read an exciting story (review will posted later), and I got a decent night’s sleep. How great is that?

I have always been a novel reader–the bigger the better, even as a young child. I admit that I have never really read novellas, thinking they could not be as good as a novel. However, I was wrong. The idea of getting a quick fix before bed is a wonderful thing. (I think I have a new addiction.)

Will I still read novels? Oh, yeah! Definitely! However, now that I have read my first novella and found how quick it is, I will most definitely start reading them also. There are just times when I don’t have the time for a long book binge, and this is my new answer.

Novellas are convenient, yet still exciting. I can’t believe I’ve snubbed them my entire life. If you’ve never read a novella, I suggest you try one. Many authors are choosing to write novellas over large novels. I’ve even been told that’s where the money is, because they are faster to write.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for great novella reads. I’m more of a fantasy lover, and last night’s quick read was about vampires.

I also want to add that if you are a reader of clean reads, you should stop by Clean Indie Reads. The website is growing rapidly, and we now have a Facebook group for readers to join. Stop by, check out some new authors, and–as always–leave an honest review.