Here are some pictures from my latest book signing hosted by Truly Living Well in Atlanta. It was a beautiful day for an outside event and was very relaxing. I applaud what they are doing and was very surprised to see a plot of land in the middle of the city dedicated to growing organic vegetables. They offer classes and fresh produce, and they even harvest their own tea blends.


A special thanks goes to Linda Oberlin for including me in this event and for all that she does with Truly Living Well. Not only is she an amazing children’s author and illustrator, she has a big heart and loves children. Her book titled Eco in the Garden was inspired by Truly Living Well.

 photo IMG_4035_zpsf56640a5.jpg

Of course, I’m all for fresh organic tea and food. I also bought a piece of pumpkin bread but ate that before taking a picture of my purchases. The tea blends were grown in the Truly Living Well garden, picked, and then dried and mixed for some unique flavors. I love trying new teas and had never even heard of basil tea.

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