I’d like to thank Coastal Manor in Ludowici, Georgia, for hosting another book signing earlier this month. It’s always a pleasure to visit Southeast Georgia, and meet with some of my readers. Not only is that area Alissia’s hometown, but it’s also where my mother resides.

I love having her by my side at a book signing, and my youngest son asked if he could tag along for this one. In fact, he set up my signing table–all by himself. It melted my heart to see him pull the books from their boxes, count them to make sure there was an even amount on the table, and arrange them so they looked nice. He’s never been to any of my signings, but he was a complete natural.

I want to thank Debbie Lorenz for a great visit at the signing. It’s always a joy to see her, as she’s such an encouraging person to be around. That’s why I named a character after her (Debina) in my latest novel. Her buddy Tabitha (another great fan I named a character after) could not be there, and she was missed.

Here’s my lovely mother:
 photo deae26bf-1084-4701-90df-2ed7581e2ffd_zpsiodi4opk.jpg

It’s always a pleasure to see my readers at a signing. This is the lovely lady I named Debina after in Unexpected Peril. See my son hiding behind the banner?

 photo 550c3bba-ddc5-4666-9bd6-dd897843a3da_zpsitf9skk7.jpg