People love Unexpected Entrapment! It’s filled with surprises and mystery, and I’m already getting asked when Unexpected Peril will be available. After meeting and speaking to some of my readers, I am extremely happy with the feedback I’ve gotten. I’ve even been told by some that I’m their favorite author. (Okay, wow!) I’m still winning my little game I like to play with them, as each of them were highly surprised by the happenings in my latest novel, and the plot continues to thicken for this series.

I’d like to take this time to thank each of my readers. Unexpected Metamorphosis was my first novel, and although it’s receiving high ratings, I can’t help but think my writing is getting better with each novel I take on. I can even see the difference with Unexpected Peril, my third book. It’s coming out much faster, and I’m ending each chapter with a little punch to it.

The most feedback I’ve gotten from this series–and I guess my writing, overall–is how creative it is, and people love the world I’ve built. I often get asked how I come up with these things. For me, I’d rather create my own world and creatures than have to do a ton of research on history or other things within our current world. (I truly hate following rules and would much rather do things my way.) Instead, I keep my research limited to fun things–how wolves socialize, knife throwing, self-defense lessons, ways to kill a person slowly, and fashion. (Those ball gowns have to match the hair color, size of the woman, and jewelry she wears. I’ve learned a lot!)

If you haven’t yet read Unexpected Entrapment, it’s now available at the major online bookstores, and you can also get a signed copy mailed to you. Unexpected Metamorphosis is now free in all eBook formats so be sure to let your friends know.

I have started on Unexpected Peril and have even shared a small blurb on my Facebook page. I’ll soon be working on the cover design so stay tuned for that. Please be patient with me. When I get into writing mode, it’s hard for me to pull myself away, and I get behind on emails and the social part of my life.

Thanks for all your support, and please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon if you have not already–even if you bought a paperback from one of my signings.