It’s finally here! The second edition of Unexpected Metamorphosis is now live on Amazon and will soon trickle to other suppliers. Although the story is exactly the same, the latest version matches my current writing style. It also has a new blurb, an updated back cover, the first chapter of Unexpected Entrapment, and a list of all the books in the series–current and future.

If you use a Kindle, I recommend you turn on the automatic update on your device. That way you’ll automatically receive the latest updates for all your books. I recently went into my account and noticed many updates available for my eBooks. Like me, a lot of authors eventually go back to their debut novels and make changes years later. If you turn on the automatic update, you don’t have to manually update each book. Amazon will automatically do it for you.

Check out the new blurb:

Alissia Roswell left her abusive, childhood home immediately following her high school graduation–swearing she would never return. After ten years of hard work, she’s finally satisfied with her place in life. Highly independent, she takes great pride in needing no one other than herself. When she learns of her father’s sudden death, she decides to return to her hometown for the funeral. A visit to the old oak tree concealing her teenage diary pulls her into an alternate world, where her body begins to change in mysterious ways. As everything spins out of her control, with danger lurking around every corner, she’s forced to rely upon others. Her mind soon becomes her enemy, haunting her with memories from her past, while her heart strays from her control, teasing her with the incomprehensible notion of love.

Join Alissia on her perilous quest full of adventure, magic, and romance as she travels the challenging road of finding one self–maybe even love along the way.

I’ve also included snippets of reviews on the back cover:

“A twisted and complex plot, with spellbinding intrigue. The characters are deep and multi-dimensional, and the unpredictable, non-stop action builds to a crisis point at the end. Even the romantic aspect is non-linear and captivating.”  Tamie Dearen, author of the Alora Series

“Interesting, different & creative ideas filled this novel with a ton of imagery.” “Love! Love! Love! Can’t get enough of this novel!!!” “The twists and turns kept my attention at all times!” “Unexpected Metamorphosis has everything I love about modern fantasy. New worlds, strong female leads, gripping action sequences, and beautiful scenery that captivates the imagination.”

I’m excited to finally get this edition of Unexpected Metamorphosis out. Although 77% of the reviews on Amazon are five stars, I’m much happier with the quality of writing this update brings to my readers, and I hope you’ll enjoy.