The downloads have begun! The Kindle version of Unexpected Peril is now available, with the paperback and Nook on its way. I’ll soon be traveling to Alissia’s hometown for a book signing, and I can’t wait to meet with those readers.

The writing of Unexpected Beginning, the fourth book in the series, has begun, and I promise many exciting things to come.

I will be editing Unexpected Metamorphosis again, as my writing style has changed over these past years, and I feel the need to strip that book of some of its extra words. The story will not change and nothing will be added. I’ll only be pulling words. This second edition will only be available at Amazon, and the first book in the Alissia Roswell Series will be pulled from all other venues for a while. Until then, it will remain free, but that will change when the second edition comes out.

Hope you enjoy this part of Alissia’s adventure. Please leave an honest review so I’ll know what you think of my writing. I love to hear from my readers.