After a week off for a much needed beach vacation with family and friends, I’m back to work. While on vacation, I read through the proof copy of Unexpected Peril and found some mistakes that slipped by. Those revisions have been sent to my formatter, and I’ll soon have the online versions updated to show those changes. I’ll also be able to clear the paperback version for printing.

This month’s project will be to read through Unexpected Metamorphosis and update it to show my latest writing style. Although it’s getting great reviews, I’ve learned much since it came out, and I feel like it needs a few revisions. Nothing will be changed in the story. I’ll only be moving the chapters around so that each one ends on a punch/small cliffhanger. I’ll also be taking away some of the extra wording.

Once the paperbacks come in, I’ll be able to mail out signed copies. I’ll also travel to Alissia’s hometown for a book signing and will soon let you all know when that will be. Thanks for all the support and kind words. If you get a chance, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.