Have you tried Walmart’s free curbside pickup yet? Not all their locations offer this service, but if you go to their website and type in your address, it will let you know if it’s available near you.

Although I’ve only used it once, I’m excited about this new service, as I hate going into stores lately and do most of my shopping online. I’m surrounded by a variety of health food stores and buy a lot of organic and specialty items I can’t find at Walmart. However, I do have certain items I buy there, and I usually stock up every other month with large purchases. This curbside pickup makes things super easy for me. I just go to their website and fill my cart with what I need, and when I go to pay, I choose a pickup time. Totally easy peasy!

The only problem I had with my first order was miscalculating the size of things. Instead of large containers of old-fashioned oats, I winded up with small containers, and since we go through a lot of oats, this was a bit of a pain. The same went for my mayonnaise. I didn’t even think about checking sizes when I added things to my online cart. Lesson learned! I’ll be more careful in the future.

Other than that minor complication, my experience was perfect. I didn’t have to pay extra for someone else to lug a buggy (cart if you’re from the North) through the store and pull items from the shelves, and I didn’t have to wait in a long line to check out. All I had to do was sit down with my laptop (with a cup of hot tea most likely in hand) and do some clicking.

Oh, there is another unavoidable complication as well. I prefer using my own bags to cut plastic waste, and that’s not possible with this service. My conscious will have to deal 🙂

They now offer an app so they can know the exact moment you arrive, and you don’t have to call them ten minutes beforehand. Be sure to go here for $10 off! I highly recommend!