Many authors are seeking beta readers and reviewers for their novels, and if you have an e-reader and love to read, you can be of service to them.  Although you won’t get paid, you will get plenty of free books to read.

How does it work?  If you contact me letting me know what types of books you like to read, I will add your name to my list of readers.  When an author needs their book reviewed, I will then go to my list of readers and get them connected.  If the book sounds interesting to you, you can choose to read it.  However, in return, you must give an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads, and even Barnes & Noble if you really want to make the author happy.  This review should be given within a two-week time frame.  If you have a busy month, don’t apply to read a book that month.

What do I mean by honest review?  If you love the book, great!  You know what to do.  If you don’t love the book, don’t lie about it, but there are professional rules to follow.

If the book is not for you and you can’t finish it, please contact the author privately with your opinion.  You don’t have to finish the book.  Also, if you finished reading it but you hated the ending to the point you want to give a one-star review, please contact the author privately with your opinion.  Feedback to authors is very important.  We don’t ignore what our readers say.  In fact, we seek it out.

I will soon be writing a post on how to give a proper review.  Those stars have a meaning, and all reviews are opinions.  With an opinion, you need to state why you like or dislike the book.

I want this to be a safe and honest place for authors, so that means author bashing on a review won’t be tolerated.  You’re job is to support the authors, not tear them down.  As I typed earlier, if you don’t like their book, let them know privately and nicely why it was not for you, not in a public review bashing them.

If you are interested on being an e-reader for this site, please click on the “contact me” button in the menu above.

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