Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d do a post about love. Instead of a cute, personal love story, I decided to take this opportunity to give my readers more insight into my writing. (I’m just not feeling all that romantic today.)

If you knew me as a child, you know I was never a girl to fantasize about Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet. In fact, I usually fought with most of the boys in my neighborhood. Fast forward many years later, and you pretty much get a tamer version. No fists, but I was highly skeptical of love in itself. My poor husband had to climb a wall to get to my heart 🙂

I’ve shaken my head in disgust at many Disney movies and could never relate to the helpless woman waiting to be saved by the handsome prince. I was highly disappointed with Ariel falling in love with a man she had never met, and the entire movie was about her trying to win a stranger’s heart. (Shaking my head in amazement just thinking about it.)

So how can I be a romance writer if I don’t believe in love at first sight? Where’s the ooey gooey feelings in my writing? Well, maybe that’s why I love to read and write fantasy romance, where things are complicated with an epic adventure alongside the romance. There are creatures, daggers, swords, and magic. My female characters are highly flawed and filled with attitude. They’re all different. (I have many future characters in my head.)

As for each of the love stories I intend to write, they are all unique within themselves. However, I promise none of the main characters will fall madly in love with a guy she just met. Even my teenage characters will keep a clear head–at first 🙂

If you love reading about a helpless woman waiting for her soul mate, my writing isn’t for you. I’m more of a guarded heart type of woman. Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, grab a good book (I do know of one), order takeout, light some candles, sip a fresh cup of hot tea or glass of wine, and take a hot bubble bath. Who says you can’t be happy alone? Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate!