Electronics are a big thing in my house. We have a large selection with iPads, iPhones, iPods, a Nabi, Kindles, and even the Nintendo DS. I’m at the point that I believe my children have too much technology at their fingertips, and I’m continuously grounding them from their electronics, as all the games and videos often get in the way of chores and homework.

So then, why did I just buy my oldest daughter a Kindle Paperwhite for her birthday? Well, eBooks are cheaper than paperbacks–even free. Most authors put their first book in their series up for free when the second one comes out–as that is the case with my novel titled Unexpected Metamorphosis. The last time I bought my daughter a paperback at the bookstore, I realized the eBook was $7.00 cheaper. All of that adds up, as my house is full of readers. We love books.

There’s also the fact that many books are only available in Kindle format and not available in paperback or Nook. I’ve heard of some best-selling authors that have done this with a few of their books.

Although my children have access to the Kindle app through their tablets, I’ve learned they would rather sit for hours staring at videos or playing games on a tablet than read a book. That’s why my husband and I have set strict time limitations on their devices. However, we soon realized that when we took their tablets away, we were also taking the Kindle app away. That’s like taking their books from them. What kind of parent grounds their children from books? (Okay, I admit that I have done that often with my youngest daughter, as she will read through the night or when she’s supposed to be cleaning her room. I have confiscated many.)

Anyways, I decided to invest in Kindles for their birthdays. With all the YA novels I read and get from fellow clean authors, my Kindle library is filled with books they can read, and it’s always at their fingertips. The Paperwhite is small, and my daughter now carries it everywhere she goes.

I also bought myself a Paperwhite, and although I will soon be posting a full review on it, I will say I can highly recommend it over all the other eBook readers and tablets. It’s great on my eyes and highly convenient. I plan to do a Youtube video soon to explain why I highly recommend it. (Just be sure to get the insurance package with it.)

Should you get your child a Kindle Paperwhite or an iPad mini for a gift? In my opinion, go for the Paperwhite and fill it with books, where they can read for hours. Instead of watching television on a small screen or playing trivial games for hours at a time, they can immerse their minds in another world–fly on the backs of dragons, win epic battles, create magic, and so much more. Books will take them on many great adventures, and a Kindle Paperwhite is a library at their fingertips.

Stay tuned for the video where I’ll compare the Paperwhite to other eReaders I have experience with, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.