After three weeks of not being able to type due to sickness and the holidays, I have been eager to get back to my novel.  Yesterday I sat down at my computer with the intention to get back to my writing, but by the end of the day, I had not done anything but open the file.  This morning I sat down at my computer, but by noon I had still not started back on my writing.  I then realized it was fear that was holding me back.  Since it had been so long since I had typed, I worried that I could not start again.  It’s amazing what self-doubt can do.

When I finally started typing, it all came back to me, and the story flowed freely from my fingertips.  Writing is not work.  It’s a natural process for me.  (The editing, however, is dreadful work!)  I even began to feel better as a person, and it truly goes to show that writing is a sort of therapy for me.  I love it and can easily lose myself in the story I’m typing out.

In fact, I wish I was typing on it now, but as soon as my youngest son walked into the house from school, he had a complete meltdown.  I thought if I put him in my bed and typed beside him, he would fall asleep.  That, however, is not working out very well.  I can’t work on the novel with a child rolling all around the bed, in a bad mood, and fighting sleep.  Hence, I am forced to take a break and thought I’d write a quick blog post.

Fear and self-doubt have no place in our lives.  If you truly want something in life, you have to push that fear aside and go after it.  It’s hard at first, but eventually, if you continue on, it will get better.  You will be in a much better place, and you’ll be glad you pushed yourself into doing what your subconscious told you couldn’t be done.  We are our own worst enemies.

Do you like to write but the thought of writing a novel terrifies you?  Then write a poem.  After that, write another one.  Then another…  Keep it up, and eventually, you’ll have more to say.  Learn the grammatical rules, and you’ve mastered most of the obstacles of writing.

Another big obstacle is to learn to write for yourself, not for others.  I write what I want to read.  At the same time, I understand others may not like the same thing as me, and I’m fine with that.  There are many bestsellers that I have no intention of reading, because they aren’t for me.  The same goes for my writing.  Never expect everyone to relate to your emotions and style.  That’s an unrealistic expectation that will make you miserable.

Well, my son has still not fallen asleep, yet I’m now yawning.  I need another cup of tea and a change in location, because I don’t intend to stop writing any time soon.  This novel won’t type itself, and I’m getting eager to hold it in my hands.  After a slow November, I plan to push myself hard this month.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal and some short excerpts to soon be released.  I know you’re ready for them 🙂