I consider the year 2016 one of horrible chaos, while 2017 brought many great changes. And now, 2018, I’m taking back my life! Goals are set, and I’m ready to get things done!

What does that mean for my readers? Well, I plan to get back to this blog, as it helps to keep me writing when I only have an hour at my desk. That helps to keep me from getting too distant from writing when life throws something at me. It’ll keep my writing juices flowing–even if I’m not typing about Alissia’s wild adventures.

I also plan to limit my multitasking. Like budgeting money, I need to have a plan when it comes to time. I’ve never been one to live by a schedule or do much planning, and although that’s worked in the past, it didn’t work out too well last year. Feeling burned out and exhausted, I let life slip by me. I’m not saying I got lazy. I mean, we downsized from our suburban house in Atlanta to a smaller home on the Gulf Coast, and I purged a lot of things and dealt with a lot of renovations. In the process, I didn’t have time to exercise or do much editing, and distractions consumed me.

The book signings are coming back! With all the chaos from the past two years, I haven’t done much marketing or book signings either. I’ve already scheduled some online marketing for this month, and I plan to get back into the groove of social media, along with going to many Mississippi festivals. Why focus on Mississippi? Well, when I moved from Georgia, I had to close out my business dealings there and open new accounts in Mississippi. While doing that, I made a few changes and added a few things to my list of sales, besides books.

Along with writing, I love loose leaf tea and essential oils, so they’ll now be on my book tables. I’m also adding them to my speaking engagements, which I haven’t done in a while either. I’m back to my passions, and I have goals!

I’m at the end of the editing phase of Unexpected Beginning, and it’s priority number one. My goal is to get it to the beta readers within two months–at the most. I know I promised a 2017 release, but we really didn’t plan to move until this year. It was a spontaneous thing, but in the end, it’s for the best. I’ll soon do a post on my back yard to share a bit more. I’m a nature lover, and when things are completed, I should have the perfect writing place. It even includes a massive oak tree!

I never do resolutions, and I don’t consider my goal setting as one either. I’m more of a lifestyle person. I don’t do diets or fads. I just try to make small permanent changes, and this one just happens to coincide with a new year. Although, I guess, in a way, I am hitting a reset button and starting anew.

Well, it’s time to get to work! Unfortunately, I’ve been sick for days, and now I’m behind on the house and have guests coming over tonight. Let the games begin!