Today’s book review is for Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore. I got this book on sale for a $1.00 at my church book store, along with many others. I went in there to get a birthday card for my husband and came out with a stack of books. At least they were all on sale!

Although I rarely read anything to do with angels and demons, this one surprised me. Before I go on, I would like to add the disclaimer that since I got this from my church, I knew it was going to be a Christian read. I say that because most of the one star reviews for this book come from people getting upset that it has a strong Christian message to it, and that’s not what they wanted–although the book was published by a Christian publishing company, it’s listed in the Christian fiction section, and the author’s bio includes that she attended Bible college. I’m just saying. The author is not trying to fool an atheist into reading this novel.

My positive thoughts on this book is it’s an adventure, mystery, and a little romance, and the story is very creative. I didn’t know what would happen next. The author was great about not giving away too much detail throughout the story. She also left it at a point where I definitely want to read the next book–and soon. Luckily, it’s already written.

As for the negative, it took me a bit to get used to the first person writing style, and some of the wording in the first chapter was a bit flowery, which messed me up in visualizing the story. However, that didn’t go on, and I soon got used to the writing style.

Even with there being some cons, I give this novel a five star, and I do that based on its creativity. The author wrote a brilliant Christian fiction read, and she brought awareness to child trafficking–which is a major problem many people ignore. I loved the message of this book. I will say that Christianity is a strong part of the novel. It’s not subtle, but it was done is such a fantastic way. I highly recommend it for adults and teens if you enjoy Christian reads with a fantasy/paranormal twist to them.