Here’s a couple of pictures from the book signing in Jesup, Georgia. Although it wasn’t a busy signing, I highly enjoyed getting to meet two of my biggest fans. They both told me what was going through their minds as they read Unexpected Entrapment, and as an author, I loved hearing the excitement in their voices. They are eager for more, and it’s fans like these that help with the self-doubt that sometimes creeps into my head.

I also got to spend time with my mother, which is a rare pleasure in itself.


Although I did bring a camera with me to South Georgia, I regret that I did not use it, and I did the best I could to fix the picture below. This is Tabitha Peacock and Debbie Lorenz, two of my biggest supporters. Don’t be surprised if you find their names in one of the future Alissia Roswell novels.

 photo us_zps4edc08ff.jpg