Today’s book review is for Faire Eve, written by Catherine Stovall. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who grew up believing she’s human, only to find out she’s not. She’s then taken into a different realm filled with magical beings. You have fairies, unicorns, goddesses, and so much more. There’s a darkness roaming the land, and it’s out for revenge.

I loved the creativity found within the pages. I also loved how the author put so much story into one book, as this is a stand alone and not in a series. The romance was clean enough for a young adult reader, and the characters stayed true to themselves.

There is mild cursing throughout, which could have been avoided. There’s also talk of all religions pretty much being false, but you almost always get that when it comes to reading¬†books about the fae. I don’t believe I’ve ever read one that didn’t put themselves above all religions.

If you want a magical story filled with mythical creatures, yet you don’t want to commit to a series, then I recommend Faire Eve. I was not disappointed and give it a four star.