Today’s book review is for Azuri Fae by India Drummond, and it’s the second book in the Caledonia Fae Series. If you are interested, you can read my review of Blood Faerie, the first book in the series.

Although both of these books follow the adventures of a female fae and a human druid, they are both stand alone stories and don’t end on a cliffhanger. If you read them, you are not committing to the entire series, which consists of six novels.

I’ll start with the pros: It’s a solid story, kept me interested, and I like how it does not force me to have to read all six books. This novel continues to establish the relationship between the fae and human. However, it’s a completely different adventure than the last novel, and it ended solidly. I also love the covers in the series.

Now for the cons: We get to see a glimpse of the magical fea realm, but there is not much imagery in the writing. I didn’t really get to picture a beautiful and magical place, as the author left a lot of that out of the story. This is a personal opinion, but I also don’t like how sex is a big thing for the plot–and not for romance or building a relationship. The plot is more focused on the action, and the romance is more of a background thing and is very weak. As with a lot of books when it comes to fae, they are not monogamous beings, and they don’t really do romance. However, sex is important to the plot of this story. Although I’m thankful the author did not describe any of the scenes and give me major visuals, I still did not enjoy reading about the strong sexual situations involving a crowd. I’ll just say that I can’t relate, it’s not what I’m into, and not what I want to read about. I want a magical realm I can deeply visualize, and I want the main characters to be deeper.

I give this novel three stars. I enjoyed the story and think the author does a great job when it comes to writing action and adventure, but I won’t be continuing the series.