Today’s review is for Blood Faerie, written by India Drummond. It’s the first book in the Caledonia Fae Series, which consists of six novels. Each book in the series is a story within itself, so if you read this one, you are not committing to the entire series.

The main characters in this series are a female fae exiled from her homeland and a human police detective. The setting of the story is Perth, Scotland, where a series of grizzly murders take place, and the two of them search for the killer.

I give this read four stars. It is well written, and it kept me turning the pages on my Kindle. In fact, I liked it enough to buy and read the second one in the series. I enjoyed the characters, and the plot was solid. This one is not really a romance, as its main focus is to stop the killings and the mystery surrounding them.

We don’t get to see much of the magical realm. However, the author did a great job in letting us glimpse the magic within the fae themselves, and it’s very much a part of the story.

As for a clean rating, I can’t give it one, and it won’t be added to my list of clean reads–especially after reading the second one. I can say that this novel does not contain any sex scenes. However, it does have a scene where the female fae completely strips down, and the man lusts after her. There’s also some explicit cursing.