7992995Eona is the second book in Alison Goodman’s Eon and Eona series.  To read my review on Eon, click here.  Since they are categorized as young adult fiction, I will give a conservative parent’s review.

Eona is very different and better than Eon.  No longer is she surrounded by rules and pretending to be a boy.  She can now be herself, and we don’t have to read about all the proper ways she is to do things.  There’s more adventure and fantasy in this one, as she is traveling and learning to use her dragon’s power.  This read is also less morbid than the first one, where just about everyone was unhappy and had to deal with slavery or some type of abuse.

It read like an adventure with challenges and happy moments along the way.  The love triangle was done well, and her emotional struggle was believable.  The author introduced new characters into the story and mixed things up this time.

As for sexual content for a teen, there was no sex, just heavy kissing.  (He was shirtless on one of them.)  She does have a power relationship (hard to explain without giving too much detail and spoiling) with one of the men, and that power comes through sexual type emotions.

The Eunach is still a main character, and so is the transgender, Lady Dela.  Although, Lady Dela has to dress as a man in this book.

If you’ve already invested your time in Eon, I would go ahead and read Eona.  It is much better and written very differently than the first novel.