Image19Since this is a young adult book, I will give a conservative parent’s review of Tiger’s Curse, written by Colleen Houck.  Although I don’t remember any foul language in the book, there were some steamy kisses, as this is a romance between an older teenage girl and a young prince that has spent over three hundred years living as a white tiger.

I loved how most of the events took place in India, and the author did a great job of describing the exotic food and scenery.  The book played out like Indiana Jones in that they were on an adventurous quest to stop the prince’s curse, and the series is made up of caves and temples in India.  As for the religious element of the books, the temples are filled with various gods and goddesses from India.

Overall, the story was fun, the romance was sweet, and I enjoyed the various scenes described.  However, I did have trouble accepting that two men from India having spent over three hundred years as tigers could speak English without any problems.  I can get over that though and continue with the story.

The romance was strong, but my friend and I both think the love dilemma is somewhat weak.  Obviously, there has to be a struggle in the romance, we just don’t like what they disagree on. Because of that and the way the book ended, I doubt I’ll read the next book in the series. I just wasn’t into it. However, Tiger’s Curse is supposed to come out as a movie in 2015, and I will definitely watch the movie. I expect it to be fun and adventurous with great scenery.