2:20 is the first book in the Timeless Trilogy, written by Holly Hook. At the time of this review, it’s free for your Kindle. It’s a young adult read, with Julia, the main character, being seventeen years old, and a lot of the scenes take place at the school.

I really enjoyed this fantasy novel and plan to read the rest of the series. Although it deals with time travel, it has nothing to do with machines. Time is more like an entity that pulls certain people to become immortal Timeless ones. It’s a very creative take on time travel.

The author didn’t give the story away with too many hints, so the mystery and intrigue kept me going. Julia has no memory of her past, and when strange beings begin to enter her life, she desperately searches for answers. It kept me hooked, as I wanted to know more. Then it ended in a bang–lots of action.

Since this is a young adult read, I’m more conservative when it comes to a clean rating, and I give this one a thumbs up. No cursing, and the romance is sweet. The main character is not a spoiled or rude teenager acting like a brat. She has a great relationship with her foster mother and foster sister, and I liked her personality. It’s a solid clean read.

As for the negatives, there really wasn’t much. I can only think of two things that I shook my head at. One has to do with an accent the characters should have had when I learned where they were from. The other has to do with Simon’s secrecy and his saving the life of a child without being seen. Overall, those two things didn’t take too much away from the story, and I’m giving it four stars for creativity, a solid plot, likable characters, keeping it clean, and keeping me interested. Oh, and I love the covers!