Every author needs a supply of promotional pictures to use in social media, and although I’m horrible with Photoshop and graphic designing, I’ve learned a few tricks when it comes to using basic pictures I’ve taken on my phone.

First, filters are a MUST! There are many free apps and websites you can choose from. I have a variety of apps on my iPhone but have only used a few of them, as I haven’t had the time to sit down and play with all of them.

Instagram was once my favorite for filters, but I’ve recently decided to distance myself from that app. I was too spread out across social media and burning out. I now usually use a filter from my photo software on my laptop, Photobucket, or an app on my phone.

The second thing you should remember is to take pictures of your books in a variety of places. I love my Kindle for this, as I can be reading from it at the pool or beach, and I’ll stop and take a random picture of one of my books to use later. At this time, I need to take one with a mountain in the background. Maybe I’ll pack my Kindle for my next hiking or backpacking adventure.

The picture below was taken while in St. Lucia. I was on the beach doing some reading, and I randomly started taking pictures of one of my book covers. My Kindle Paperwhite is only black and white, but with the filter I chose, it looks like there’s some color in the cover. Using my phone, I simply took a few pictures, chose one, cropped it, and added a filter. It’s now in my stack of pics to use with Twitter posts and other social media.
 photo IMG_5332_zpsww0rxzad.jpg

Here’s a picture I took one morning while at Kiawah Island. Although it’s been cropped, it’s free of a filter.
 photo IMG_5568_zpsben2rvpl.jpg

Now here’s that same picture with two different filters from Photobucket:
 photo d45e145f-fd0a-4301-be1d-faa588e704e1_zpskbdjvjsp.jpg

See the difference?
 photo 0090acd1-fa0a-477a-bd6e-01596f4a6ff9_zpsgtu0rm7k.jpg

Here’s a picture I made using the Framatic app on my phone. I love how it shows that I’m stocked and ready for book signings, along with all three of my books and the beautiful inside format–all in one picture.
 photo IMG_5783_zpsthswh7j5.jpg

Each of these pictures was easy to make–using the right apps. If you haven’t already, take a few pictures of your books and play around with some filters. Then send me a tweet. I’d love to see them!