Broken Wings is the second book in the Angel Eyes Series, written by Shannon Dittemore, and it continues with the story of Brielle and Jake. I really like this series, as it’s unique and original. The author attempts to give us an idea of the spiritual warfare going on around us that we cannot see. It is a strong Christian read–not subtle. The main characters deal with many of the bad situations by praying and trying to stay strong in their faith.

I love how the first book dealt with the sex trade industry, and this one introduces alcoholism. This series touches on some harsh realities and has romance, yet it’s clean enough for older middle schoolers. The violence is not gory. The romance is sweet and done in a Christian way, and the touchy topics are handled delicately. This series is truly a positive, Christian read.

The only negative about this book was the ending. The first book had a story within itself, yet this one just seemed to get started toward the end. Luckily, the third book in the series is out, so you can easily resume the story. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger. It just didn’t end with a finish. It felt like it was in the middle of a scene.

I still give this book four stars, and I’ll definitely read the third book in the series. I’ll pass it on to my children, and I’ll continue to recommend this series to others who enjoy Christian fantasy.