Although I have many scenes I enjoyed writing and I often enjoy rereading in Unexpected Metamorphosis, I thought I would share this one with you.  In case you haven’t read the novel, this is just one of the many fun scenes between Alissia and Luke.  She and Grady share a different kind of chemistry.  If you’ve read the first two chapters on Amazon or when I posted it on my site, then you’ve met Grady.  Here’s a peek at Luke:

              Luke stared at the men thoughtfully for a long moment before saying, “You do understand I have a problem, now that you know where she is and who she’s with.”

                Alissia stood frozen and watched as both men looked up into Luke’s eyes and began to beg for their life. They promised they would tell no one they had seen her. When their voices began to rise in panic, Luke struck each of them in the mouth and warned them to calm down. He put restraints on them, and they looked at Alissia, whimpering as if begging her for their life. Nolan was crying by now, and Alissia could stand no more. Hurting them was one thing, but killing them was another.

                She quickly crossed the short distance between them.

                “Stop this. L –”

                Luke’s head shot up, and he interrupted her in a warning tone, “If you say my name, I will kill them now.”

                She cringed beneath his cold stare. By the time she could think of a response, he was already tying a long sock around Nolan’s mouth. Instead of demanding him to stop what he was doing, she decided to try talking to him as if she was talking someone down from a ledge. In a soothing voice, she said, “You really don’t want to kill them. We can find a way out of this. I promise. We can figure something out. Just talk to me.”

                He grabbed his shirt and put it on without buttoning it, and then he looked at her.

                “Alright, we’ll talk about it.”

                Her relief was short-lived as he swiftly picked her up and replied, “But not here.”

                He was fast, and he was strong. Within an instant, she found herself being carried down a narrow hall. His left arm was under her bottom, and his other arm held her firmly in place with her chest against his. She tried to lift her head, but his hand held it securely in place. As she struggled in his arms, she wildly kicked both of her legs. She heard him excuse himself to someone, and he explained that she was a very passionate lover. She wondered why her feet had not made contact with anyone.

               “You know how Gazzerian women are,” he said to someone, with a laugh.

                She felt herself being carried up a flight of stairs, and that is when she was able to turn her head just enough for her teeth to find flesh. She then found satisfaction in hearing him groan as she bit down.

                Her bite did not last long because she soon heard him unlocking a door. Her teeth let go of him, and she held both of her legs out so that they caught each side of the doorframe as he tried to walk through. After a short struggle, he was able to get inside the room and close the door, and then they fell on a bed with him on top of her. He caught both of her hands before they made contact with his face, and he dodged the head butt she tried to give him as he pinned them down. As she struggled beneath his body, she realized they were in the same position as the first night they had met when he had tackled her. She was pinned beneath him, and he had his forehead on her shoulder while breathing heavily into her chest. Everything within her hoped the bite she had given him was more painful than the kick in his groin.